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Explain Sourcecode to glyph grid

Pick a subject and then the program parses the program code and shows you glyphs of what the code does with that subject
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What if we could transform complicated code across an entire codebase into a grid of glyphs, that could be read from left to right, top to bottom to tell the entire story of what the code does to that thing you picked.

Those glyphs tell the story of what the program does to the subject glyph

Where every juxtaposition of the glyph means something.

chronological, Feb 26 2023


       Define "glyph"
pocmloc, Feb 26 2023

       A Unicode symbol of common programming operations.   

       Such as initialize defaults of structure.   

       You could use ∑ sigma symbol to mean "all" and Պ tp re[resemt "set all default values"   

       I can open chrome sourcecode in this theoretical tool then ask "how does this url https://github.com/" get processed.   

       Then I am presented with a screen of glyphs that looks like nonsense but if you were to read it, it would accurately describe what it did to the URL and everything caused by it.
chronological, Feb 26 2023

       So is this just a find-and-replace of existing code to make it human readable? Or is this a completely new standalone programming language?
pocmloc, Feb 27 2023

       This is used to explain existing code, it is not a programming language.
chronological, Feb 27 2023

       Sounds like you're watching a flowchart actively digest the program's input.
lurch, Feb 27 2023


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