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Dinner and A Movie

Don't even have to leave the house.
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The situation:

Last weekend it was raining out, and I don't have a car at school with me (in college). I really just wanted to stay in and watch a movie while eating pizza. The pizza was easily taken care of, as there are countless pizza delivery services in the area. The movie wasn't so simple. Blockbuster is a good 20 minute walk from me, and in the rain! So here's my idea.

A combination Movie rental/Pizza delivery service. They stock a bunch of videos, which they perhaps have catalouged on their website. Customers can then order their pizza and their video and have them both delivered to their front door. Or dorm room, in my case.

The only glich I can forsee is returning the videos. I guess you would have to get up off your butt in a couple of days to take it back to the store. Or, it could be incentive to use the service regularly: return the movie with your next pizza order! I could see Pizza Hut or others making a klling on this service. If this is baked, let me know. I want to use it!

DreamGoddess, Apr 10 2001

"DVD Too" rental business looking for pizzerias http://www.dvdstoo.net/pages/1/index.htm
[jutta, Jan 09 2007]

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       ...the pizzas even arrive hot, for a charge that, I'm sure, waugsqueke wouldn't mind paying.
iuvare, Apr 10 2001

       ...for those times when you don't feel like going First Class Grocery Shopping, but still want to pay for some convenience.
iuvare, Apr 12 2001

       I think this is a GREAT idea...there's nothing worse when you want to "spend a night in" then having to go out and face the chaos of a video store. C'mon over and open one up in LA... or any college town.
Cosmicgirl, Apr 12 2001

       well, frozen pizza and pay-per-view.   

       That said, there's been more "delivery-quality" forzen pizza advertised lately, and pay-per-view is both expensive and highly limited.   

       Small towns actually outperform cities in this field, I suspect. When the pizza place is an adjunct of the convenience store they'll toss anything in your to-go order.
djymm, Aug 17 2001

       Change this to xbox cds and it is netflix-proof for a while. Meanwhile, has pizza improved since 2001? I think not!
beanangel, Sep 24 2017

       Did stuffed crust exist in 2001?
notexactly, Feb 07 2018


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