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Conformal salsa optimization bowl

For the thrifty dipper
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As everybody should know by now, the gold standard of salsa dipping corn chip is the Frito Lay Tostitos bite-size chip, manufactured in Plano Texas cooperatively by both Mexican and American citizenry.

The chip is made from the perfect ingredients- Nebraska Corn, Utah salt, and a touch of black pepper from the pepper farms of Belize, sized and shaped perfectly to prevent double dipping, with just enough cross-sectional rigidity to experience structural failure only in the rarest of circumstances, with some cold cheese dips.

Frito Lay also manufactures a variety of dips and salsas to use with these wonderful chips.

Problem: These perfect round chips do not conform to the flat bottom of bowls to get the last of the salsa, creating waste and contributing to a lack of cleanliness. Breaking a chip in two to create flat scraping surfaces works, but it results in chips of sub optimal size and shape.

Solution: When the chips are dipped in thick enough, non-fluidic dips, a trough resembling a section of a toroid is left behind. Create bowls in which the lowest point is itself a similarly shaped toroidal section. Needs legs to balance.

Kansan101, Nov 28 2014

The perfect chip http://ecx.images-a...-lyIPL._SL1500_.jpg
[Kansan101, Nov 28 2014]


       Just get a taco salad bowl for your salsa. The bowl is the last chip.
RayfordSteele, Nov 28 2014

       This is a well rounded idea that fits into toroids like me.
rcarty, Nov 28 2014

       I find that, if the cat won't eat it, a finger or two work fine as a spatula; they're already full of crud from the chip dust anyways. However, yes: square potatoes.
FlyingToaster, Nov 28 2014

       Stainless steel cylindrical salsa tank with conical base, and dual slide-valve depositor at outlet. Heavy weight to pressurize salsa.   

       Push button, get optimised salsa blob on chip. Weight has neoprene ring seal and matches interior of tank to ensure no salsa is left behind.
8th of 7, Nov 28 2014

       Wow, 8th, with such a device, you could completely eliminate the need for single-dip chips, and avoid the need for as much structural integrity!
Kansan101, Nov 29 2014

       8th of 7's idea, but instead of home made and have to clean the salsa tank, maybe someone will put Salsa in a pressurized can like whipped cream.
RickRantilla, Nov 29 2014


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