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24 hour dessert delivery service
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To have a delivery service that runs 24-7 that delivers a selection of desserts only. It will satisfy cravings, the lazy, and the muchies.
mmbera, Nov 29 2000

The Pudding Club http://www.puddingclub.com/framepclub.htm
Dare I say it... Baked [angel, Nov 29 2000]

The Pudding Club http://www.puddingclub.com/framepc.htm
Dare I say it... Baked [angel, Oct 04 2004]


       YES! YES! YES!!!
arghblah, Jan 20 2001

       Who voted against this? A vegan?
thumbwax, May 18 2001

       There's plenty of places delivering takeaway food that include a dessert selection. Most Chinese places in Britain have a pudding menu (banana fritters, etc). I used to live up the road from a pizza/curry takeaway that'd deliver big slices of chocolate gateau. Admittedly where I live, most of these places are shut by about 3 a.m., but near enough what you want. Alternatively, live in a hotel with room service.   

       Pizza Hut advertise in my phonebook "Phone for delivery and collection". Does that mean they'll come and take my old unwanted pizzas away?
pottedstu, Oct 09 2001

       I'm not a veg*an.
StarChaser, Oct 12 2001


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