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Dirigible Sunshade

Perfect for windless sunny days
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Solar powered disc-shaped helium filled airship, approximately 3' in diameter. Controlled via a radio transponder worn on a necklace to hover a few feet directly over your head and follow you around.

Consider it your personal storm cloud.

Worldgineer, Jan 10 2006

Floaty Bluetooth Hatalloon Inspired by [wagster], who was in turn inspired by [DesertFox] [Worldgineer, Jan 10 2006]

bristolz's Helicanopy
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 10 2006]


       You are in good company. [bristolz] did the stationary model, [link]   

       I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for the reminder - I still think that's one of the more marketable ideas around this place.
Worldgineer, Jan 10 2006

       //Consider it your personal storm cloud// But obviously, with aluminiumised mylar for the envelope, it will always have a silver (coloured) lining.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 10 2006

       With a touch of grey.
Shz, Jan 10 2006

       make sure those props can push stronger than a mild wind and still be light enough to hover. Hopefully, it also knows when you've got into a vehicle, and hops, or floats, in too. Maybe you can sell advertising space on it.
twitch, Apr 30 2007

       The only problem is the helium. Sure it's cheap, but not many people carry a tank with them. Hydrogen can be dynamically generated from the onboard solar cells with a tiny bit of water. The hydrogen fills the mylar envelope, while the oxygen is vented outside, avoiding an explosive mixture.   

       If the dirigible needs to descend, it could feed the hydrogen through a fuel cell, recharging the batteries instead of simply venting the gas. In fact, the electrolysis and fuel cell form a closed system, changing the buoyancy of the airship at will. The solar panels need only replace the electricity loss in conversion. This way it can maintain lift indefinitely.   

       Hydrogen is flammable, but at least it won't cause any damage if it catches fire. It will simply make a neat *FWOOMP* overhead, along with a short light show. Not intended for use indoors.
Aq_Bi, May 02 2007

       Well, if it could be in the shape of a dog, then you could tell people you're taking it for a walk!
quantum_flux, May 03 2007

       reminds me of those small rain clouds that follow people in cartoons. why not just carry the balloon on a string? make it the size of an umbrella, which does the same thing. attach it to a backpack & the lift will help with those heavy loads.
the great unknown, May 09 2007

       Bad Luck Schleprock meets the 21st century.
shapu, May 09 2007

       Can it be in the shape of a large red arrow with "You are here" written on it?
marklar, May 09 2007

       [great] A string isn't a bad idea for windy days, but you'd still need it to move itself around to block the sun from your eyes.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021

       [great] A string isn't a bad idea for windy days, but you'd still need it to move itself around to block the sun from your eyes.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021


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