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Hat of Mist

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Hat of Mist emits vapour along the circumference of its edge where it fits against the contour of the wearer's head.

The mist is generated by a small, rechargeable device contained within the space between the hat and the top of the head, and is delivered via a series of small holes, much like those on a steam iron.

When you are moving about, the mist is quickly dispersed, but when you stand still, it swirls around your face, and spills down over your shoulders, prior to dispersing harmlessly.

Delux version has coloured mist!
Long-life version has backpack with extra storage, connected to hat via a discrete, flexible tube.

xenzag, Apr 30 2008

How about this, Mister? http://www.fountain....com/mister_foggers
Ultrasonic, produces actual tiny water droplets. Some of these devices are small enough to fit in a hat. Could be battery powered. [Amos Kito, Apr 30 2008]

Mister Hat http://i176.photobu...uperDuck/southy.jpg
[jaksplat, Apr 30 2008]


       +...just don't mess up my hair!
xandram, Apr 30 2008

       Fog +
DrCurry, Apr 30 2008

       It would have the effect of making people look as though their heads had recently violently exploded, and were now settling down to a stage of quiet ensmoulderment amongst the remaining debris.   

       I'd quite like it if the mist were accompanied with a gentle fizzing noise.
zen_tom, Apr 30 2008

       How about an attachment for MP3 players, so the density and colour (maybe fragrance as well) of the mist would change appropriately to the current song. That way I could listen to the Velvet Fog (Mel Torme) in an actual velvet fog.
Canuck, Apr 30 2008

       Foghat +
jaksplat, Apr 30 2008

       Play misty for me....
100 percent, Apr 30 2008

       Man of mist-ery, anyone? [+]
dbmag9, Apr 30 2008

       Almost mist this one.
wagster, Apr 30 2008

       Damp you.
normzone, Apr 30 2008

       It is hard not to work up a head of steam about this product.
luxlucet, Apr 30 2008

       That steams me up! Your mist aken visions are only vaporous outpourings bubbling forth from a cloudy head. This is the foggy bottom of all ideas!(+)
Voice, May 01 2008

       [+] Credit where it's dew.
marklar, May 01 2008

       Fog ease a jolly good fellow. [+]
lostdog, May 01 2008

       How are you today, Mister? [+]
django, May 01 2008

       Does this Hat have a silver lining by any chance ?
8th of 7, May 01 2008

       //small holes, much like those on a steam iron//   

       So is this mist actually scalding steam? Or dry ice? Or something else? I only ask out of concern for [xandram]'s coiffure.
pertinax, May 04 2008

       For the wearer it would definitely improve self-e-steam [+].
daseva, May 04 2008

       Don't wisp her, it's rude.   

       And try our new Steamboat Willy underwear range!
4whom, May 04 2008

       This would create a whole new category of hat-head.
mylodon, May 04 2008

       Cirrusly, it's a good idea.
bnip, May 11 2008

       Can the hat look like an UFO, with LEDs to light up the fog?
sninctown, May 11 2008


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