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Double Hat

A Hat for your Hat
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The Problem

There is a big glowing thing in the sky called the sun. In many parts of the world this causes the top of head to become warm. The traditional solution is a device called a hat but this has many drawbacks. In the protection against heat transfer the problem is that the hat itself is heated by said sun, it then conducts or radiates the built up heat to the head.

The Solution

Double skinned roofs are common in vehicles and buildings. In sunny climates, four wheel drive vehicles in particular often sport an additional roof layer to provide shade to the main roof. I propose the solution to the hot head problem by implementing double skinned roofs for people.

Take two identical but generally normal hats, place one on top of the other (possibly with thermally insulated standoffs between to ensure a reasonable (1-to 2cm) air gap) , and place on head.

The top hat then shades the bottom hat from direct sunlight and hence keeps the head cooler

Further improvements may be made by making the hats from materials with different reflectivity properties to improve the insulation between he two layers. Other improvements may be had by changing the hat shapes such that the top hat shades the bottom hat better.

And there is one final improvement. A Hat for your Hat for a Hat ...(repeat until sun goes out)

RattyBunyip, Jul 03 2009

http://www.misterwhiskers.com/ [pertinax, Jul 03 2009]

Bart Cubbins http://en.wikipedia...Bartholomew_Cubbins
[bungston, Jul 03 2009]

Half-Baked http://www.umbrellahat.net/
The umbrella hat is only the top hat. The bottom hat you have to provide yourself. [goldbb, Jul 06 2009]

Johnny Two Hats http://www.youtube....watch?v=Y8K1fTZaR7w
[jaksplat, Jul 06 2009]


       Have seen same in reverse where 1 hat does not sufficiently warm (rather than cool) your head.   

       2 layer hats with reflective silver foil and insulating material inside to minimse heat loss   

       But I guess this IS different ...
kindachewy, Jul 03 2009

       Link makes me laugh.
blissmiss, Jul 03 2009

       yes, it needs to follow the vacuum flask route with a layer of air between the hats...
po, Jul 03 2009

       <sings> the sun has got his hat on   

       hip, hip, hip, hooray   

       the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play.
po, Jul 03 2009

       Dear [pertinax] - how on earth did you find that link?
wagster, Jul 03 2009

       He's big in Australia. ish. I live in Australia and have children. On long car journeys, we have tapes of songs from children's TV shows. He's in one. On long long car journeys, he comes round more than once. Him and his dog. And again. Very long car journeys, in some cases. Mister Whiskers has three hats. Hooray for Mister Whiskers! ... again. Are we nearly there yet? Thank you for asking.
pertinax, Jul 05 2009

       Ah. Australia. The same country from which my son aquired a "Hi-Five Alive!" video. You seem to have a strong line in annoying kids shows - but then at least you never sank to the grim depths of Barney.
wagster, Jul 06 2009

       //You seem to have a strong line in annoying kids shows //
Home and away, Neighbours, and you can have Rolf Harris back.
coprocephalous, Jul 06 2009

       Hat with a sort of fly-sheet... good one. +
xenzag, Jul 06 2009

There should be an annual burning of all Barney and Telly-Tubby (sorry, [po]) related merchandise. They're just too annoying! Whatever happened to decent, educational kids TV?
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 06 2009


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