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Mirrored Hoodie Visor

privacy protection for hoodie wearers
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This would be a pull-down mirrored visor for hoodie wearers so that they would end up looking like mirrored grim reaper.
JesusHChrist, Jan 23 2013

Facial recognition privacy glasses http://www.redorbit...sor-glasses-012213/
[JesusHChrist, Jan 23 2013]

Other people's eyes glasses http://www.flickr.c...ustnoone/377507221/
[JesusHChrist, Jan 23 2013]

Stephen Fry on grammar http://www.youtube....watch?v=J7E-aoXLZGY
"Well I'm glad to say I've outgrown that silly approach to language...: [tatterdemalion, Jan 23 2013]

(?) super-hero hoodies http://www.squidoo....spider-man-superman
[xandram, Jan 25 2013]

Deliverance http://www.imdb.com...73/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Weeeeeeee! [8th of 7, Jan 27 2013]


       Fortunately hoodies have started to attract bans in certain cities here. About time, too.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       Really? Municipal or informal?
normzone, Jan 23 2013

       some are banned here too
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       Municipal. Police are pretty keen to enforce them, it seems. The idea is to cut down on armed robbery and property crime.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       That's the thinking behind the bans here. That and the fact it doesn't ever get cold enough for a sweater, let alone a hood.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       Hoodies constitute approximately 35% of my upper-body wardrobe, so I'm glad there's no such ban in my area. They're a perfect middle layer for winter, and the front pocket keeps my 1911 warm and accessible.   

       I already have blue-mirrored safety glasses, so I won't be needing a convertible hood-visor to complete my 21st- Century Unibomber look.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       He has a hole in the bottom of the pocket.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       M1911-A4 .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun. I usually take one with me when I go out to confront possible deer poachers on my land. Having it tucked into the front pocket of my hoodie is a non-threatening way to tell armed trespassers "Yes, I have a gun as well, so let's not be silly about this."
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       21 alterother, you're wrong, that's not what a 1911 is. UnaBubba knows, "hole in the bottom of the pocket."
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       // A hoodie, as a middle layer, is no different than a pullover or unhooded zippered sweater. //   

       It's nice to have the hood keeping the back of my neck warm, and it's also a good place to stash a frag grenade or a handful of quick lyme.   

       // You can get nonhooded sweaters with large pockets. //   

       We buy most of my shirts at the local grocery store during the off-season. They're cheap, durable, and they have the name of my town printed on them, so people know where to take me when they find me passed out on the roof of their garage, but the selection is limited to t-shirts and hoodies.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       A burka makes a better top layer. I wear mine over a hoodie during wet blizzards; the two hoods nestle to provide both warmth and wind protection.   

       I have a very complex winter garment selection system.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       So do I. I wear long sleeved shirts in winter. It's hot all year 'round here.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       leather hats, hoodies... my goodness. I would be embarrassed to wear either one of those. If you want to stay warm, wear a heated jacket. My jacket also charges my cell phone. I'd like to see your "hole in the pocket" hooded jacket pull that off! As a plus, I don't look like a criminal.
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       Neither do I.   

       Or do I?
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       I only walk for an hour at a time so my coat's charge lasts for 6 days. as for my grammar, I don't care sorry. Also the coat has been modified (via a simple aftermarket y adapter) and can carry as much power as I dare to lift.
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       I'm sure you look great in your leather pimp outfit but I seriously can't picture it with out laughing. This only proves that I am the retard. I picture you with a feather in your leather hat. Either way, thanks for the image; I feel better about my self now.
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       You could improve on that by learning to write and spell, [Brian].   

       The HB is one of the few places on the internet where language is still important. I think that's because it's such a text-oriented site.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       OK but I do get to blame some of that on my spell correct. wait... I don't have spell correct but if I did I would be really pissed at it right now. Also sorry that I don't care
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       Time to start caring, my friend, if you want this lot to treat you with any sort of respect.   

       The only user who routinely gets away with bad punctuation is [po].
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       I love the smell of irony in the morning.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       Only dumb people need good grammar to make themselves sound smart. Have you seen a doctors prescription? It is illegible. A lot like mine
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       That's right, keep digging that hole. A steady stream of false bravado and derision will eventually bring us all around to your point of view.   

       And my mother is a doctor. What exactly are you saying about my mother, now?
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       No, [Brian], clever people use correct grammar. Poor grammar usage is like painting a target on yourself, with DUMBASS written across the 10 ring.   

       There's a reason civilised societies provide schools and teachers and textbooks and universities, despite the supposed indifference of the great unwashed.   

       We're trying to help you.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       What's even more interesting is the length of time you spend squabbling with me. I know I'm a bored ass loser, but your right here next to me each and every day. Maybe you need a hobby.
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       I have a hobby. It's called [Brian The Painter].   

       To tell you the truth, I have the HB open on one of my screens while I work. I hate focussing on one thing at a time.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013

       Maybe [Brian] is actually a ghost account created so that [UB] could have asenine schizophrenic arguments with himself in a subtle yet poignant statement on the degredation of social interaction in the Internet age.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       unabubba, i was talkin' to alltheother. also I wanna c ur ties
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       // i was talkin' to alltheother //   

       if yer talkin' to me, please do so coherently, and do it quickly. Half the time I have no idea what the feck you're on about, and my rapidly waning interest in anything you have to say makes it likely that I'll just start skipping your annotations altogether. So get to the point, if you have one.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       you can skip my annotations
Brian the Painter, Jan 23 2013

       Personally, I feel that adult men over 35 who care a about being stylish is kind of odd.   

       I can see dressing as expected for a job.   

       I can see avoiding looking like some stereotypical criminal or gang member.   

       Where I live we have cold dry weather much of the year. A hoodie feels good on my bald head, sometimes.   

       Silly idea though. Fashion. [-]
Kansan101, Jan 23 2013

       You don't understand [K101], this is -- (and all of my ideas are) -- not so much actual ideas per se as they are a platform for girlfriendless nerd fights, and thus while often mistaken for miserable failure, are, as you can see, actually quite successful.
JesusHChrist, Jan 23 2013

       I applaud [Brian the Painter] for disregarding the criticisms of his linguistic mannerisms. Fry has it right (link), people should speak and write as they wish.   

       As regards the idea, I enjoy hooded sweaterss, can't imagine why they would be considered threatening - one wonders what are the laws regarding bags over the head with eyeholes cut out. I wouldn't use this feature however, it would be suffocatingly close to the face, I think.
tatterdemalion, Jan 23 2013

       // can't imagine why they would be considered threatening //   

       Because they conceal the features from all angles save straight forward, because the big front pocket can (sort of) conceal a sizable weapon and the hand holding it, and because hooded figures are classically seen as menacing. Also because a lot of thugs and wannabe thugs seem to like wearing them, probably for the reasons listed above.
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       As can a hat, or a scarf, or a blanket, or a trash bag, or any number of other things. Or a burkha. It's silly to think the clothing item is a threat. It's like saying guns are a problem, not the people who use them.
tatterdemalion, Jan 23 2013

       It seems you're being deliberately obtuse in this instance, [tatters].
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2013

       I've bunned this for the annos. I'm neutral about the idea itself.
nineteenthly, Jan 25 2013

       What [nineteenthly] said, sort of, sans the bun.
blissmiss, Jan 25 2013

       This idea could also help the theives who get caught on camera (usually wearing hoodies down over their face), as it would reflect back the camera! Of course, I think wearing a Nixon mask would work just as well.
xandram, Jan 25 2013

       [+] on Jesus's anno and for the idea generally.
calum, Jan 25 2013

       I can remember a time when it was considered lame and very much "not the done thing" to wear a hoodie hood up, and i wouldn't do it myself on the whole because i think it looks really naff.
nineteenthly, Jan 27 2013

       Makes you look like a teenage drug dealer.
UnaBubba, Jan 27 2013

       Quickly balding head.
Canadian winters harsh.
Hoodies good for work.

       //Have you seen a doctors prescription?//   

       Sp.: "doctor's"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2013

       //Bandanas, on the other hand, typically ARE associated with gangs and ARE banned from being worn on the head or over the face in many public places.//   

       You're kidding! I mean, setting aside the fact that I feel I have the right to conceal my face should I so choose, what's the thinking behind banning the wearing of a bandana on the head? More sensible, shirley, to ban wide-brimmed hats and beards*.   

       (*Wide brimmed beards are particularly offensive)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2013

       Ban hoodies, mirrored and not. And ban high school track and cross-country teams at the same time -- those despicable lowlifes.
swimswim, Jan 27 2013

       [-] as this idea displays prejudice against monks and Jedi knights.   

       // if you want this lot to treat you with any sort of respect // ... squeal like a pig ... <link>   

       // What exactly are you saying about my mother, now? //   

       <Obligatory Blade Runner reference>   

       // M1911-A4 //   

       Quality. But if we may offer a little advice, the .455 Webley Mk. IV has much to offer in the "Please do not annoy me, for Bad Things will happen to you" department.   

       Yes, you only get the six shots. Yes, you have to fire it single action or the trigger pull is ridiculously, unfeasibly heavy. Yes, it's the origin of the phrase "target will fall if hit".
8th of 7, Jan 27 2013

       Ban suits and ties, worn by the true oppressors of the People!
sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 27 2013

       Ban stiletto-heeled shoes, worn by the true oppressors of Men !
8th of 7, Jan 27 2013

       Ban banners!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2013

       Ban ban banners. (Why do I feel like I am echoing you today for some reason?)
blissmiss, Jan 27 2013

       I'm taking that as a rhetorical question.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2013

       Why doesn't banish sound like danish? Shouldn't banish have two n's? Did e get Bane-ish and then e left?   

       //Why doesn't banish sound like danish?//   

       For the same reason that Danish doesn't sound like Spanish.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2013

       /Hoodies constitute approximately 35% of my upper-body wardrobe/   

       I am wondering about the other 65% of your upper body. I imagine the area is question must be your midriff as there is not much north of the hood. Maybe you sport some sort of fringed sash? Cummerbund?
bungston, Jan 28 2013

       I said wardrobe, not coverage. The other 65% is t-shirts, most of them also purchased at the grocery store and bearing the name of my town, just in case I forget where I'm from (which actually happened after I hit the deer).
Alterother, Jan 28 2013

       //Shouldn't banish have two n's? Did e get Bane- ish and then e left?//   

       No, it used to be 'bain', meaning a known troublemaker, in mediaeval Northern England. To 'bainish' someone meant to declare them to be a hoodlum and general ne'er-do-well, of whom people should be wary. It was quite common to send such people to an outlying part of the village where an eye could be kept on them, so eventually 'to bainish' meant to send away.   

       'Bain' would have been pronounced to rhyme with 'pain', and 'bainish' would have been pronounced to rhyme with 'Danish', and inevitably became corrupted to 'banish' (still pronounced to rhyme with 'Danish').   

       As with a great many English words, the spelling became fixed shortly after printing came into existence. Thereafter, the pronunciation changed to a short 'a' (to rhyme with Spanish), but the spelling stayed the same.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2013

       That is so cool... if you aren't having me on that is. Words, and how they change fascinate me.
'Bainish' makes more sense.

       "baine" is Auld Scottish for a crude gate built into a fence (or a removable bit of fence in a pasture or field), so "ban" or "banish" would be a rather hearty version of being tossed out the back door.
FlyingToaster, Jan 29 2013

       hmmm according to the etymological dictionary 'bain' has been calimed as a strictly French term meaning bath.
So it's official, everything 'was' invented by somebody French.

       I applaud [Brian the Painter] for disregarding the criticisms of his linguistic mannerisms. Thanks [tatterdemalion]!
Brian the Painter, Jan 30 2013

       //Fry has it right (link), people should speak and write as they wish.//   


       I disagree utterly with Fry on that one, and it is quite noticeable that he writes very well using correct grammar and spelling.   

       The point about writing is that you should notice the meaning, not the language. In that respect, it is like a good sound system: if it's perfect, you hear the music instead of the sound system.   

       Grammar and spelling are, indeed, arbitrary. However, by following the conventions you make your writing transparent. If you use unconventional (incorrect) grammar or spelling, it is noticed by the majority of readers, who are then distracted from what you wanted to say. A grammatical or spelling error is like a scratch on an LP.   

       Of course grammar and spelling evolve over time, as they must; but filling your writing with random mutations is not evolution.   

       So, why would you use poor spelling or incorrect grammar? There are several possible reasons:   

       (1) You don't know English very well. That's fine, but if you write a lot and want to be read a lot, then you should take the trouble to learn, just as a musician will learn the technicalities of their instrument.   

       (2) You know English quite well, but not well enough to write effortlessly. Comments as above.   

       (3) You want to write with unconventional grammar or spelling, to convey a particular style of speaking/ writing (for example, when writing dialogue for a character with a foreign accent). This is very difficult to do well, and few people can do so. In most writers' hands, this becomes heavy-handed and tedious after a few pages. Also, you have to know correct grammar and spelling very well in order to do this.   

       (4) You don't like conventions and/or want people to see your brilliance in spite of poor writing, thereby affirming your brilliance. That's just selfish and annoying, like, innit?   

       (5) You wish to distinguish yourself from the boring masses, by affecting a strange writing style such as non-capitalization or creative spellings. Again, this tends to be annoying. Better to distinguish yourself by what you write than how you write it.   

       I can't think of any other reasons to write badly.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2013

       Anyone who has read anything written by a lawyer will know that perfect spelling and grammar are insufficient to create writing satisfying the MB test of quality. Which is not to knock your point, Max - I agree with the general thrust.   

       Words are tools: to be used on the brains of readers. In this analogy, Muriel Spark is the brain surgeon, and Thomas Pynchon is the dude slipping you the brown acid. Both achieve their aims but their aims are different. The habitual user of sloppy grammar may have different aims from the pedant.
calum, Jan 30 2013

       sp. "</rant>"
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2013

       //sp. "</rant>"//   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2013

       Personally I like to post in one of the classic Halfbakery Traditional styles.   

       My annotations (unrelated to post queries), on the other hand, is just me talkin' you up. Feel free to be offended.
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2013


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