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Dirty display

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Sometimes I get something on the smartphone screen. To check if it is part of the page, or dirt on the screen, I scroll to see what happens. Most of the time, the item is above a soft key, so it can often only be cleaned off by blanking the screen first.

This prank shows a small hair, and when the screen is scrolled, the hair stays in exactly the same position. When the screen is blanked it disappears, only to return later.

Ling, Feb 16 2017

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       Or cracked screen app. Sell a corresponding "instant cracked screen repair app" and you're set.
ixnaum, Feb 16 2017

       Can the hair have a few pixels that if the user manages to touch, pops open with a DNA profile. Maybe a famous stalker, or famous individual you would have loved to have met. Friends and family would have to help with names.
wjt, Feb 17 2017

       The cracked screen is a good addition. How about remembering those "Good old days" by having a permanent coffee cup stain and a few ink blots?
Ling, Feb 17 2017

       I once posted an idea for a small mark that would appear on a computer screen and invite a scratching response to get rid of it..... I must have deleted it as I cannot find.... though it could still be lurking under an obscure title. I simply cannot be bothered searching for it.
xenzag, Feb 17 2017

       Any prank involving a simulated hair where it should not be fills my heart with butterflies and sunlight! Thank you, good Ling!
bungston, Feb 18 2017

       I do like the idea that swiping at the virtual hair might occasionally manage to move it around the screen.
bungston, Feb 18 2017

       Sometimes the hair could be replaced by a tiny, moving bubble under the screen protector...
8th of 7, Feb 18 2017

       At some point doesn't the prank have to shown and signed for the kudos.   

       'This, here, has been brought to you by ___________"
wjt, Feb 18 2017

       // swiping at the virtual hair might occasionally manage to move it //   

       Heh, even better....how infuriating that would be!
Ling, Feb 19 2017

       // 'This, here, has been brought to you by ___________" //   

       "This here hair, here, has been brought here to you by ___________"
8th of 7, Feb 20 2017

       I know an inspector who found an ant crawling around inside a ruggedized display - almost too small to see, but definitely there. It was a unique inspection find.
normzone, Feb 20 2017

       That could have been anticipated. Antiseptic might have worked?   

Ling, Feb 21 2017

       Groan. That took me about five seconds and a couple of reads to figure out, and another five or so to formic an opinion.
normzone, Feb 21 2017


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