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Disinfectant Infused Rubber Glove Palms And Finger Tips For The Medical Profession

Keeps germs off your hands and kills viruses on doorknobs and other objects people touch.
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Disposable rubber gloves that are attached to a hand shaped disinfectant wipe on the inner palm. The porous palm would change color when it's time to change it because it's getting too dry.

I think it would be possible for these to be good for a half hour or so. Include them in a kit you'd use for the day that had a couple of face-masks, and maybe ten of these.

doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2020


       How much a pack ? Say, USD $49.99, plus shipping and handling ?   

       Sounds like a nice little earner. $2 for the masks, another $3 for the gloves. 25¢ for a custom-printed packet, another 25¢ for a malnourished pre-teen in a hot country far away to pack them. $1 a unit on advertising and promotion.... $6.50 total ... over 650% gross margin.   

       OK, so it's less than apple rake in on the iphoney, but it might generate the deposit on a tropical island with a secret base under a volcano in a quite reasonable time ...
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       I like it, but I do wonder if you have any ideas on the HOW aspect of getting them to last half an hour? Kind of a WIBNI I think.
21 Quest, Mar 17 2020

       They don't actually have to last half an hour; they only need to seem as if they do to the user.   

       Don't over-estimate the typical intelligence of your target demographic....
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       Thats quite true of your typical Apple user!
21 Quest, Mar 17 2020

       //I like it, but I do wonder if you have any ideas on the HOW aspect of getting them to last half an hour?//   

       Hmm. I'll let you handle that one. Let me know when we go public. I'll be out by the pool waiting for my royalty checks.   

       Although I guess you could have a reservoir in the palm or wrist or something. Reloads it whenever you grab something. That's getting a bit complicated though.   

       I think this would just be for particular tasks, like going to the grocery store to load up on toilet paper like a crazy person.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2020

       You've clearly got a good understanding of your target market [doc]. Anxious, easily influenced, low self-esteem, poorly educated and of limited intelligence, lacking analytical reasoning but with enough disposable income and in large enough numbers to be worthwhile.   

       Then when you've reduced all the Democratic voters to destitution you can start on the rest....
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       More I think about this the more I think it might be useful in one area, the medical profession.   

       Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals regularly don rubber gloves for the duration of a particular procedure. They handle computers, diagnostic tools and medical instruments that would benefit from being regularly sanitized by this product.   

       This gets rid of the window of usefulness issue as well since much of a medical professional's use of a pair of gloves is only a few minutes per task anyway. A nurse comes in, weighs you, takes your temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen level, then asks you some questions they types into the computer, total time maybe 4 or 5 minutes. Everything the nurse touched during that routine would benefit by being touched only by material soaked with disinfectant.   

       And oh yea, doctors and other medical professionals use doorknobs and light switches too.   

       I'm changing the title from: "Disinfectant Infused Rubber Glove Palms" to: "Disinfectant Infused Rubber Glove Palms And Finger Tips For The Medical Profession"   

       Also, the material would be non-slip as well as absorbent.
doctorremulac3, Mar 18 2020

       Great one.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2020

       Definitely, I agree great tests need to be done as to whether a wet sponge or dry sponge, backed by rubber, has the most friction.
wjt, Mar 19 2020

       Or a sponge made out of rubber?
notexactly, Mar 20 2020

       Rubber gloves could be made inside out with an absorptive texture change on the outer surface. An indicator solution/ disinfectant could be sprayed on.   

       It still it seems a conflict between being moist to disinfect and dry to not slip. Rubber gloves are a pain when sweaty.
wjt, Mar 22 2020


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