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Clapper gloves

Its fairly simple
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gloves that allow you to clap whilst wearing them, highly likely to be baked already, and very easy to implement using some sort of solid material (flexible plastic?)sewn into them.
kaz, Mar 15 2002


       is this a technical aid for film-makers, when its cold?
po, Mar 15 2002

phoenix, Mar 15 2002

       Leather gloves already do this.
StarChaser, Mar 16 2002

       Great for football matches - terracing is never warm, no matter what time of year it is (that is, assuming you watch a team worth clapping). But yeah, leather gloves etc. are baked, unless these have any significantly different features?
mcscotland, Mar 16 2002

       After finding a pair of leather gloves and tryed clapping in them, I conclude that this idea is quite unreservedly baked ( although not in the indentical manner of which I speak ). I wanna know what blissmiss's annotation refers to tho.
kaz, Mar 17 2002

       Having just been dragged kicking and screaming to the opera by my dearly beloved, (well actually thats not true-I find the best way to get through these evenings is to attempt to slow the heart rate and breathing to a hibernating state) I did notice a tendency to milk curtain calls by the very talented cast. Peer group pressure to indulge in extended and multi climactic applause can indeed become painful and tiring. Lets develop the gloves into a pair that contain electromagnets and a relay mechanism to reverse the current flow, producing alternate attraction and repulsion between the palms. Thus prolonged applause could be produced without muscular effort. These gloves could be provided for hire on a coin operated basis in the seat backs next to those very handy binoculars that allow you to close your eyes without detection.
IvanIdea, Mar 18 2002

       I thought this was going to be a pair of gloves which, when worn, would allow the wearer to locate them by clapping once, briskly, and waiting for the gloves to clap back. As a side benefit, once one located the gloves via this simple method one would also know where one's hands were (inside the gloves, of course). Ingenious.
Dog Ed, Mar 19 2002


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