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Dissolving Hems

Seam-ripping is due for an upgrade
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Having just spent a few hours ripping out hems on my daughter's pants because she just won't stop growing, my fingers are sore and my eyes are stinging.

I want hems to be sewn with a special thread that dissolves when put in contact with a chemical reagent. And I want to be able to buy such thread for making my own hems. I don't care what the chemical is, as long as it's not water.

Everybody with kids hems pants. They should make it easier for us. I'd pay for that.

drzeus, Oct 13 2008

wundaweb http://www.kleins.c...-hem-tape-217-p.asp
[po, Oct 13 2008]


       Great idea!
williamsmatt, Oct 13 2008

       //don't care what the chemical is//   

       Aqua Regia?
neelandan, Oct 13 2008

       there's a hemming material that you iron onto hems - I imagine that is easier to tear off and replace.
po, Oct 13 2008

       I've used the stuff... after awhile it comes apart, but in the meantime it works good.
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2008

       Surely there is a way to stop children from growing.
mylodon, Oct 13 2008

       Bonsai children. Keep them in a small pot and don't feed them much.
8th of 7, Oct 13 2008

       + nice idea. Though that tape is available, I have found that it peels off easily.
xandram, Oct 13 2008

       I was expecting something to do with self-tidying egg production - but of course, I had simply misread the title, to hilarious consequence.   

       If there are iron-on hems, then maybe cold-off ones could be dreamed up (saves soaking things in all sorts of odd chemicals) only, it wouldn't be so useful during the winter.
zen_tom, Oct 13 2008

       Will purchasing the solvent require a background check?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 13 2008


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