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Olde sewing machine tread mill milking udder pumper

Kind'a Singer with a milking trouser zip fix.
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The short and tails of this contraption becomes an apparent advantage as you seat yourself upon the three legged stool.

With cloth, pins in hand - and of course bovine at a suitable distance.

Pedal like buggery.

With the pumping action of your feet you may easily "fix holes and replace zips" whilst within sewing function, the manual reads..

By pulling the clutch lever to the left of the sewing machines outer hard right, engage the milking pumps via a vacuum tubed powertrain.

Pedal like buggery.

Anyroad with enough leg work you will not only just fill a bucket full of "Daisy's best" let alone re-engineer your clothing, you'll get a pretty good work out,the manual reads..

skinflaps, May 01 2005

Rengineer this http://www.grandant...ew_pics1/singer.jpg
(For DrBob and normzone and others) [skinflaps, May 02 2005]

..and attach as follows.. http://biblicalstud...cp_milking_cows.jpg
[skinflaps, May 02 2005]


       Help needed. Problem: cow stands transfixed by action in front of it.
reensure, May 01 2005

       Could work with goats to obtain frilly shirts and cheese.
skinflaps, May 01 2005

       Act now and get our free butter-churner attachment!
RayfordSteele, May 02 2005

       I learned to sew on an old Singer treadle - fun experience.   

       This reminds me of the devices available at the first part of the last century....you could run a log splitter and a basic machine shop off the axle of a car.
normzone, May 02 2005

       Easy sewing made udderly ridiculous. (+)   

       My mum had an old treadle operated sewing machine. Great fun. Bun for excellent use of an under-utilised power source.
DrBob, May 02 2005

       /engage the milking pumps/ that was without a doubt my favourite episode of star trek.
benfrost, May 03 2005


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