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Independent Bobbin Winder

Winds bobbins without using a sewing machine.
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We thought of this for video tapes years ago. Don't you hate running out of thread, having to unwind your machine, thread the bobbin winder and then start over? Wouldn't it be grand to just pop a bobbin in it's own winder and then snap the filled bobbin into place? It would also save on repairs as the bobbin winder spring breaks easily but the repair is expensive due to labor costs. It could be smaller than an electric pencil sharpener, work on batteries or with an adaptor and heavy enough to not jump off the sewing machine table due to vibration. If Ronco makes it it will probably sell for $9.95. What a deal!
kwilkins, Nov 28 2000


       What a geat idea, although, if sewing machine manufacturers gave it five minutes thought, they could add a separate spindle thingy to run your thread through. However you would have think ahead and buy two spools of thread or else you still have to unthread the machine for either system.
ash963, Nov 28 2000

       My sewing machine has a separate bobbin winder - and it was made in the 1920s at the latest.   

       It is a good idea.
hello_c, Nov 30 2000

       I happened on this site looking for an independent bobbin winder for home sewing machine use. Would buy right now if available. Would be willing to pay at least $25.00 for one that works smoothly! If someone out there produces one please let me know.
blithspirit, Feb 08 2001

       Come on, folks, where's the inventive spirit? Put the bobbing on a dowel, and the dowel into your electric drill. Or blue-tak the dowel to your turntable. Or use a strong magnet to attach the bobbin to one paddle of your electric mixer. Take that old walkman you never use, and remove the cassette door. File down the capstans so that the bobbin fits on one and the spool on the other. Press rewind and bobbin's your uncle.
rmutt, Jun 28 2001

       How 'bout inventing a time machine, returning to the industrial revolution, textiles, and submitting this idea when it will make you millions.
ImBack, Aug 26 2002

       and sticking an independent bobbin winder on the dashboard of the time machine.
bristolz, Aug 26 2002

       I also found this site when I was looking for an independent sewing-machine bobbin winder. Is anyone aware of a manufacturer or retailer for such a product ?
anniej, Mar 01 2003

       rmutt: Those wouldn't work, I've dealt with bobins and they need a specific amount of tension, and usually need to be wound properly or they knot.   

       You could probably make and market a handheld one of these (about 3"x2"), but while it is a good idea, most businesses understand that making notions is not by any means a good way of making money (Unfortunately). That being said, I bet if someone (or some group of people) approached a notions manufacturer, they might be persueded since all thier products would have the same profit margin and this is a very marketable device for that retail area.
JackandJohn, Mar 01 2003


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