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personal sock maker

make socks and protect feet with them
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This device would be a single purpose fully automated sewing machine. It would make one item: socks. Every day a fresh pair if you want. Just feed in the bolt of cloth when it's empty and push a button when you want socks.
Voice, Nov 16 2013

Sock knitting machine http://www.youtube....watch?v=2bBFuyrLSvE
Strip out all that CNC junk, maybe add a cast iron flywheel and a treadle. [mitxela, Nov 17 2013]

Hand cranked sock knitting machines http://www.oldtymes...chines_english.html
Oh wait -- the Victorians beat us to it. [mitxela, Nov 17 2013]


       [+] of course, but   

       //bolt of cloth// for socks ? yarn or thread, no ?   

       and does the machine make the socks while you wait ? or does it make the socks when you stand on it, around your feet.
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2013

       How would this differ from just having a stock of manufactured socks massing the same as the bolt of cloth?
CraigD, Nov 16 2013

       Good idea, presumably alterable for thickness summer/winter socks. Maybe some technique like ruching?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 16 2013

       If it isn't limited to pair increments, this solves the age old one-lost- sock problem. Just pop out a new one to replace the lost sock.
swimswim, Nov 17 2013

       Useful for those who wear a number of socks other than two simultaneously.   

       Some time ago I considered a post about single-socks being made for sale but I discovered it is already baked (though oddly available in packs of three).
tatterdemalion, Nov 17 2013

       You could feed worn socks into a machine that shreds them, cards the fragments and spins them into yarn which is automatically fed into the knitting machine.
pocmloc, Nov 17 2013

       [+], although I'd rather have one for underwear. A fresh unworn pair of underpants is one of my most innocent guilty pleasures.
Alterother, Nov 17 2013

       So..wh..what do you do with them?
rcarty, Nov 17 2013

       oh no, this will put Grandma out of business!
xandram, Nov 18 2013

       I'd like to see this device contain a large number of silkworms and to demonstrate the collection of silk, the spinning process and then the manufacture of a pair of silk socks. To my mind there's something more pleasing in having a machine that you provide with sunshine, air, and water (for the plants the silkworms feed on) and which produces socks from these, than having a machine which you have to supply with manufactured thread.
hippo, Nov 18 2013

       Excellent idea [hippo]. Can also dispense fresh mulberries.
pocmloc, Nov 18 2013

       // So..wh..what do you do with them? //   

       I wear them. What do you do with your underpants?
Alterother, Nov 18 2013

       [Pocmloc] - Mulberry jam - that can be the machine's other function
hippo, Nov 19 2013


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