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Do I Pee on the Right or the Left

A convention for bathroom location
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There should be a convention or standard for architects when placing mens and women's bathrooms in public buildings. When I *really* have to go, I always assume the mens room will be on the right, as it is in many of the places I frequent. When it fails to be where I expect it to be, I end up wasting an extra 2-3 bladder stretching seconds going to the wrong door, realizing it, and reorienting myself to the correct facilities. These few eyeball floating seconds could be saved if the mens room was always on the same side.
bleh, Apr 18 2007

still prefer but then you had to know 8th... Chequebook_20Toilet_20Paper
the bastard hated cats... [po, Apr 19 2007]


       Um...what if you are coming from the other end of the hall?   

       How about not waiting until you're totally busting before you try and find the loo...?
-alx, Apr 18 2007

       Peeing in the bathroom? EEeew. Don't you have separate toilets?
coprocephalous, Apr 18 2007

       When *I* really have to go, I really don't care if I end up in a "ladies'" or "men's" room - they're all the same inside. (Well, some men's rooms have urinals, but I don't think anyone cares when you're that desperate.)
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       (This idea has been posted (and deleted) before. I can only remember because it was home to a slice of comedy genius from po.)
calum, Apr 18 2007

       Either way, it's a big problem for dyslexics.
nuclear hobo, Apr 18 2007

       //Um...what if you are coming from the other end of the hall?//   

       The majority of places I go have them either on the same side of the hall or on a side hall way from which you can only come from one direction. This never crossed my mind.   

       //Either way, it's a big problem for dyslexics. //   

       Do dyslexics have trouble with left and right? i thought it was just getting letters and numbers backwards.
bleh, Apr 18 2007

       //oh, be a man and use your credit card.// I wish this was what [calum] referred but sadly not...
po, Apr 18 2007

       thanks [rcarty]!   

       [po] or [calum], Please elaborate, I confused.
bleh, Apr 18 2007

       we're all confused! can I buy you a beer?
po, Apr 18 2007

       You are basically taking creative liberties away from architects with your crazy conventions [-]. That being said, what would be really cool is a spiraling ladders to get to the restrooms; Men have to climb up a ladder and women have to climb down the ladder, and that will show all those last second pissers who can't hold it any longer.
quantum_flux, Apr 19 2007

       [egbert] kept a copy of [po]'s annotation:   

       "Bathroom Sameness" by shazam (in which it was proposed that gents and ladies loos' relative positions be standardized):   

       "Suggest you name this Bog Standard."
hidden truths, Apr 19 2007

       Ah, so it's not the same idea, but the gag - a classic - still works. Hooray!
calum, Apr 19 2007

       Bun. Needing to pee very badly is not the only time when this sort of difference is useful. After a few beers, and a possibly promising conversation with someone who appears to be a member of the opposite sex those signs on the door just aren't big enough.   

       Incidentally, where I tend to go, the men's room is almost invariably to the left of the lady's room.   

       Incidentally, where I tend to go, it's easy to tell the two rooms apart should you accidentally enter one. The first thing you see in the lady's room is a huge couch surrounded by pristine white walls, and the first thing you see in the men's room is a row of dingy urinals with profanities etched into them, and a bunch of references to someone named "BJ."
ye_river_xiv, Apr 20 2007


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