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Deranged State Chess

Stereogram game board with pieces travelling on uneven pillars.
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The players of this chess game are immersed in the stereographic phenomena, similar to seeing a darboard as a tunnel tapering into the distance, and place the chess pieces on uneven planes that spectators cannot see. The disorderly pieces are clinging to the side of a horizontal causeway of sixtyfour seethrough glass pillars each greatly varying randomly in length. Nine out of ten boxes actually contain a stereographic image.
rcarty, Sep 13 2013

Practicing technique for deranged state chess. http://imgur.com/kOZhB8h
[rcarty, Nov 04 2013]

Line Drawing Deranged State Chess http://imgur.com/IvysnrX
[rcarty, Nov 16 2013]


       Yes, I see exactly what you mean.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2013

       You see that it's tattooed on the back of a morbidly obese shut-in?
rcarty, Sep 13 2013


       I would sketch this for you, but I might not come back...   

       3D chess is a small variant of this fever dream.
daseva, Sep 14 2013

       Ok I've been working on drawing this chess layout, and the only possible way without a stereographic 3D rendering, is to use eight colours. Each row of squares has to be a different colour for example white backrow is red, front row of pawns is blue, green row, yellow row, purple row, orange, black frontrow pink, and black backrow is black.   

       With these colours draw the topography of each row. The lines should overlap at some points. That's basically the image. Each row should look a line drawing of a skyline, sort of like bar graph outlines.
rcarty, Sep 16 2013

       The second link is a pretty inaccurate attempt but shows its possible, and the third link is a quick 3d attempt in crayon.   

       It's quite a difficult thing to do, although I intend to draw a functional version sometime soon once I get a large enough sheet of paper to make the details, and a good rough sketch that gets the angles right and the distribution of squares in a challenging but discernable order.
rcarty, Nov 16 2013


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