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Dog Beer

Nothing less for your best friend
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There is a song out now in which the singer calls for whiskey for the men and beer for the horses. This really got me thinking. It would seem unwise to ride around on a drunk horse - at lest if only the rider is drunk the horse might still keep them both out of trouble. Wouldn't it be very expensive? Do horses even drink beer?

While I am leery about giving beer to horses, dogs are a different story. Most dogs live only to hang around and have fun. Beer helps with this. I am aware some dogs like beer, but I suspect this is like people who like milk bones - a fluky interspecies thing.

I propose beer designed for the dog palate. Carbonation would be minimized, as it would be fairly greasy. Instead of hops, you would flavor the beer with those long grasses dogs sometimes eat. Other flavors might include ham, junebug and rabbit poop. Cats have catnip already - it is time that the dogs got to cut loose a little as well.

bungston, Aug 19 2003

Beer for My Horses http://www.anysongl...beerformyhorses.htm
Disturbing jingoistic overtones, made tolerable by the bizarre chorus. [bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Never feed your dog beer http://deandra.home...GiveYourDogBeer.jpg
Must have been Red Dog. [wombat, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       "Beer for Dogs" has been here a few times. Seems to be gone at the moment, however.
waugsqueke, Aug 19 2003

       Maybe I should change this to beer for ferrets?
bungston, Aug 19 2003

       I 'dunno about you guys, but when I see my dog go to my closet in the state of a 'smashed asshole' and urinate all over everything, this idea will get boned...   

       Otherwise, if the dog is in his 'own house' and only needs a bath the next day, I guess I could allow him his fun...   

       My vote is impartial for now.   

       (P.S.- My dog likes beer just the way it is, thank you)
X2Entendre, Aug 19 2003

       See link. Why you should never feed beer to your dog.
wombat, Aug 19 2003

       I thought dogs can't keep beer in either end.
Zimmy, Aug 19 2003

       Does my leg look even sexier to a dog after he's had a few beers?
DeathNinja, Aug 20 2003

       Mmmm.... rabbit poop.
pnewp, Aug 20 2003

       Not for dogs under three years of age. Since in some places you are required to have a passport for your dog this ID check is also bakeable. +
sartep, Aug 20 2003

       Dogs don't need beer. They tend to be relaxed and uninhibited (barring a few smaller varieties). I'm willing to bet that humans drink beer because we wished we were more like the dogs. Ie, we get all het up about trivial, insignificant things in our lives even though we know it's not worth it. And so beer becomes a shortcut to relaxation. Dogs don't need shortcuts. They don't need to unwind, and a drunk dog sounds like the cruel and stupid idea of a reckless owner.   

       I think you could market a non-alcoholic drink for pooch that would "match" your own, for boys night in or whatever. Eminently bakeable.
k_sra, Aug 20 2003

       my puppy loves beer - especially real ale
aliangel, Aug 20 2003

       Yes, horses do drink beer, at least mine.   

       Remember, don't ride when your horse has been drinking.   

       I grew weary of sharing, and made a batch of alfalfa beer for them. When I'd visit other people's ranches, we were the toast of the barn.
normzone, Mar 04 2004

       My dog was not interested in beer untill I give him a taste of Kentucky moodshine mixed in with it. He slurped it up after that every time it was offered. The black lab was a hell of a drinking buddy after that.
thumbbsore, Mar 07 2004


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