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Dog Food Furniture

For Lazy Best Friends
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Some dogs tend to chew furniture.

So why not have furniture that is made from dog food.

You could compress kibble into Kibble lumber for the structure.

The cushions are more challenging. Here I see some kind of tough non food item rubbery bladders that are filled with soft or juicy dog foods. Like gravy train or mushy canned dog food.

When beast chews through the cushion he is rewarded with a flood of yummy treats.

You could order and have one sofa per month delivered to your home and never have to worry about feeding your dog.

vfrackis, Mar 14 2009


       The beast(s) here would gobble it down in one day leaving us to sit on the floor. (Which by the way would now be littered with about a ton of dog furniture lookin' poop.)   

       But I did laugh at the idea and so did my housemate.
blissmiss, Mar 14 2009


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