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Dog Toy

responds to remote control and emits signal
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Has anyone invented a dog throw toy which will respond to a signal from a remote control and flash/bleep ? This would be oh so useful when the dog drops the toy in long grass.
softrock, Mar 05 2004

Spot Zap Ball Flash 'N Sound Dog Toy http://www.petco.co...ow+in+the+Dark&ct3=
[krod, Oct 04 2004]


       Get your dog his own cellphone.   

       The new dog cellphones come tooth protected and sealed with anti-slobber.   

       While your dog cannot call on these phones, you can call them, and the ringing will help you find the phone / toy.   

       [deleted attempt at bluehoundtooth humor]
normzone, Mar 05 2004

       i agree with newser, but there is already a light up ball for night time games of fetch.
krod, Mar 06 2004

       The light up ball would not suit the purpose. It lights on impact so would not necessarily light up and bleep when the dog dropped it and probably would not stay lit long enough to find it. The Zap ball does sound good though, might not be quite what I was after, but i might get one anyway. As for newser's comment, the toy would not be worthless to the dog even if it didn't cost much money.
softrock, Mar 06 2004

       You might be able to adapt one of those "find a key" gizmos, which respond to a whistle by beeping so you can find them.
unclepete, Mar 10 2004


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