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Dog Treat Pez Dispenser

Carry dog treats with you without smelling / mess
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Please make dog treats in a convenient dispenser (akin to a Pez dispenser) so that I can carry dog treats with me in a convenient, compact container and dispense them to my dog without: a) Smelling / messing up my pockets (/purse) b) Having to deal with unwieldy treat pouches

Easier training & more treats for pooch. This means a happier dog and a happier owner.

Will gladly accept "already baked" links!

funp, Mar 23 2010

PEZ for Pets Dog Treat Dispenser http://candyaddict....og-treat-dispenser/
Available at Walgreens and exactly as you describe, right down to the brand name. [jurist, Mar 23 2010]

Handi Treat Dispenser http://www.ohmydogs...reat-dispenser.html
Not really PEZ-like, but handily-sized to comfortably fit in your pocket or purse without leaving crumbs. [jurist, Mar 23 2010]

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       I think that the exact product you have described is already being currently marketed, although it may be slightly larger than you envisioned.<link>
jurist, Mar 23 2010


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