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Dog stilts for more than one dog walkies

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Whilst working on a scheme to replace the iron core of the Earth with aluminium, so that the reduced mass could be more easily moved out of the way of incoming bolides, I decided it was a rubbish idea.

And so my mind (or what remains of it) returned to me trying to pass someone who was walking two dogs at the same time earlier in the day. As you can imagine they present a nearly insuperable obstacle with dog-lead- human-leg interaction.

I decided to invent dog stilts to more compactly allow two (or more) dogs to be walked at the same time viz one dog gets the stilts and is attached to the lower dog, in this way two (or more) dogs can be walked at the same time using the least area of the pavement.

This may also prove a boon to professional dog walkers, who walk many dogs at the same time, subject to some Soroche amelioration for the uppermost dog(s).

not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2016

http://s68.photobuc...psxumlsnzb.jpg.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 13 2016]

Stilts? http://imgur.com/gallery/2Qq3uxB
We don need no steenking stilts... [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 23 2016]


       How is the lower dog attached? To the same stilts, leg-for-leg, or swinging free like a pendulum?
pertinax, Mar 12 2016

       and now invent someone who is going to clean up the lower dog. don't make me get graphic
dentworth, Mar 12 2016

       Lower dog crap hat, for stilt walking doggies. My next idea. Yay. (For real, was in a St. Patrick's Day Parade today downtown, walking with the APL and about 20 pouches of all different breeds. I'm all doggy'ed out.)
blissmiss, Mar 12 2016

       We're gonna need a bigger hydrant... [link]   

       Did I give this idea the kiss of death?   


       Nice art, [fries].
normzone, Mar 22 2016

       Wow...I can only just about do a smiley with the purple crayons they give me, so I'm mighty impressed...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2016

       I think the only problem with this idea is that it's fundamentally wrong. You appear to be stacking the dogs, whereas it would be far more effective to nest them.   

       So, you start with a tube of fabric, that fits snugly over the body of (say) a great dane or a Manchurian stoathound. Attached to the underside of this tube is another, smaller tube, large enough to fit around the body of a whippet or a retriever. Attached to the underside of that tube... well, you get the idea.   

       That way, you could walk maybe three or four dogs, each nested underneath eachother. Not only is this more compact, but it also allows each dog's feet to touch the ground (so that they all contribute towards the locomotion), and each dog can poop without besmirching the others.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 22 2016

       The concept made me laugh. It has a certain je ne sais quotient.
It's like dog-walkception.

       bravo Max B, heres me looking for the like button.
dentworth, Apr 27 2016

       I'm picturing a pyramid type deal with big dogs on the bottom and little ones on the top, all marching on one set of 4 shared legs.   

       This is awesome.   

       Somebody does this it's getting 100 million views on Youtube. You could stand to rake in seven, eight bucks.
doctorremulac3, Apr 29 2016


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