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4 wheels?, Bahh!
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The StiltoMobile is, I must confess, less than halfbaked.

I have these 3 chopsticks here on my desk. They have been occupying it for the last half week in anticipation of my mind making an idea out of them.

Here goes; An electric winch lifts the rider up into the Stilt-Surfer. The rider climbs the last few feet and takes the position of the StiltRider.

Bones looks down to those on the ground. He smells the expectations of failure. Bones, he, doesn't care. He's aware. This thing can work.

Bones stands tall in the rider's ride-step. Just as he's supposed to be. He then leans forward - to this the Tri-Stilts cooly reacts. swinging forward to start him in motion.

We all know that the leg that swung to start the motion is longer than any arc that should be suscribable, but there seems to be a hydraulic lift on the leg tied into the rider's forward lean that allows the backward leg to shorten & swing forward freely.

The TriPod Rider then leans left. This causes the back/right leg to swing forward in similar motion. He then leans forward again. The Stilted Surfer freak then leans to his right & gets the back left leg to swing forward.

It looked like, to me, the farther he leaned forward, the faster the legs whipped around. I mean, did you see that? Who needs wheels? That was intense!

The funniest thing about all of this, is the drive mechanism was a rubik's cube.

Zimmy, Sep 04 2006


       And I thought it was going to be a cheese-powered phone.
Fishrat, Sep 04 2006

       Sorry, [Fishrat]. Did you see my cheese powered mouse?
Zimmy, Sep 04 2006

       A highway full of these would be visually stunning.   

       I'm Jake the Peg, deedle-deedle-deedle-dum...
wagster, Sep 04 2006

       OK, I changed it from wench to winch. ( a horrible mis-intented meaning, that happened there.)
Zimmy, Sep 04 2006

       I'm removing my croissant until you change it back. I want to be hoisted up by an electric wench.
wagster, Sep 04 2006

       I can't wag's. Like I said, it was a turiblle mistake. ( I think she went & got married, anyway)   

       & Where Are the Green? Perhaps I've made a mechanical mistake?
Zimmy, Sep 04 2006

       Oh, ok then, have your bun anyway. It's a great idea (biased as I am towards stilts). I'll just have to write the electric wench into one of my ideas.
wagster, Sep 04 2006

       [wags] , If you get a chance, take a listen to the Memphis Slim song "If you see Kay" - I stole part of my response from it. ....   

       I don't know why I did that. It's sure to get me a fish, now.
Zimmy, Sep 04 2006


       But who the hell is Bones?
DrCurry, Sep 04 2006


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