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six legged stilt walking
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Stiltepede is a training device for stilt walkers. It's a simple piece of apparatus, consisting of three pairs of stilts connected together with two rods in such a way as the stilts can move in tandem. The novice is placed in the middle stilts, with the expert walkers taking control in the front and end set.

It is also possible to add two more sets of stilts to the array, on either side of the learner. This transfers the arrangement into a cross shaped structure, which is totally stable. As the novice gains confidence the extra outriders on their left and right can be taken away, leaving them with the basic Stiltepede arrangement.

Stiltepedes can be added together to create a much longer centipede. Combining several parallel centipedes results in a large moving shape of co-ordinated stilt walkers being formed. As yet, no useful useful purpose for this arrangement has been determined.

xenzag, May 09 2013


       Delivering home shopping via an upper window?
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2013

       " As yet, no useful useful purpose for this arrangement has been determined. "   

       Why not adapt it for mass transit?
normzone, May 09 2013

       Yes and the Olympics!
xandram, May 10 2013

       Good point - they could be made of bendy like those amputee runner guys wear, and three-man teams could race in synchronized jumps at high speed!   

       It would be like synchronized swimming and track & field got married and adopted a NASCAR baby.
normzone, May 10 2013


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