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Doggie Litter

a simple dog luxury item
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Basically kitty litter for dogs. The bins will have to range in size and the formula of odor-reducers will have to be changed. It will probably be like a kennel without a door for big dogs (size does matter) and like a kitty litter box for little pups or small dogs (e.g. chiuahua, maltese, pappion etc.) For people who hate walking outside every hour or two to let their dog(s) go do their thing or for dogs who have marked enough backyard territory for their liking.
croissantz, Jan 18 2005

Purina Dog Litter http://www.doglitter.com/
Purina manufactures and markets doggie litter [robinism, Jan 18 2005]


       My dog might like this on rainy days (she doesn't like to get her paws wet.) But we couldn't let the neighbor dogs know - they might start calling her a unspeakable names.
robinism, Jan 18 2005

       I think teaching dogs to shit indoors is a bad idea. my dog can't tell the difference between the kitchen and the bedroom (food place and sleep-place, respectively, but even simply he's never gotten it straight.) what's so say he can determine the bathroom from the living room.
schematics, Jan 18 2005

       Well [croissantz], kitty litter works as a concept because cats are delicate and fernickety, light things. Given to graceful and considered movements and fastidious behaviour at toilet time.   

       Dogs...well dogs are a little more careless with their craps. Dogs are (mostly) a lot heavier. Dogs tend to rush everywhere and can be distracted from the business at hand by the mere thought that there might be something more interesting in the next room. Dogs kick dirt back over their faeces. Dogs dig. Dogs (commonly) love to eat their own faeces. Dogs love to roll in smelly things. Dogs should not be house-bound as domestic cats should be house-bound.   

       For all these reasons, dogs and litter don't go together. The Dog Litter currently sold by Purina should be re-named "Sissy lap dogs who have lost their dogginess and act like pussies - Litter".   

       At the moment, with my own very old dog, I am manually assisting with his defaecation about three times a day (anal massage, plastic bags, hope neighbours understand its love not perversion).   

       But perhaps that is too much information...
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 18 2005

       That's too much information several times over.
schematics, Jan 18 2005

       At least.
bristolz, Jan 18 2005

       Proud of you [Consul] - but not half as proud as your dog.
wagster, Jan 18 2005


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