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Mobile Dog Run

traveling greens
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For a modest fee, urban dogs are released into a large flatbed trailer with wire cage walls and a turf deck to frolic and take care of business. Could be equipped with a retractable roof for inclement weather. Every few stops, the conveyor belt turf deck is cycled half a turn, causing accumulated debris to fall into a collection chamber.
nuclear hobo, Apr 13 2007


       Greyhound racing on a conveyor belt would be kinda fun.
skinflaps, Apr 13 2007

       This is better than that comeditragic effort, "immobile dog run". Those immobile dogs just wanted more treats.
bungston, Apr 13 2007

       For a further fee, not quite as modest, we will get your dog down off the flatbed and give it back. mwhawhahahahhahaha....
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 14 2007

       Sorta good. "Mobile dog run" would be one name. "The stinky truck" would be my pick.
the dog's breakfast, Apr 14 2007

       Bone Voyage.   


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