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Edible dog poo bags

Bag it internally, bin it externally
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The weak spot with most halfbaked dog poo collection systems is always getting the poo into the bag (except for those ideas that use robots - that's a different ball game entirely). Edible dog poo bags are designed to be placed inside your dog's food bowl where they will be eaten and pass through the digestive tract just like all the bits of wood, string, wrapping paper and toy cars that always seem to pass through undigested.

The inside of the bag is coated with tiny hairs all facing inward. This will trap matter inside using the wheat effect (Try holding an ear of wheat between your hands and rubbing them against each other, you'll see what I mean. There's probably an official word for this effect - ask google if you're really that interested).

At the beginning of the bag's journey all the food will be on the outside. As it travels through and the food gets digested it will slowly trap more and more matter on the inside, emerging from the other end with the poo neatly packaged within.

When you see the tie handle emerging just tug it out, tie it and bin it.

Infant version available from mid-2009, pending approval.

wagster, Jan 04 2009

Fecal Sacs http://www.naturals...oving-fecal-sa.html
A natural version, for the birds. I am showing just a picture of the poo bag, but it speaks for itself. I hasten to add, as well, that the previous link to the article about British newborns was not a comment on British newborns being poo-bags. [mylodon, Jan 04 2009, last modified Jan 05 2009]

Fecal Sacs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_sac
[mylodon] is right, even though his link is wrong. Ah, he's fixed it now. Now it's a picture of a bird with a beak full of poo-bag. [wagster, Jan 04 2009, last modified Jan 05 2009]

patent 7090268 http://images.googl...e=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
Like this? [Dub, Jan 08 2009]

Sorry, I meant this... http://www.virb.com...inedward/blog/56731
[Dub, Jan 08 2009]


       This is probably the most X idea I have encountered recently, but I haven't yet decided what X is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2009

       drug traffickers might nick this idea.
po, Jan 04 2009

       ...but only once.
wagster, Jan 04 2009

gnomethang, Jan 04 2009

po, Jan 04 2009

       + hah, haha, HAHAHA! : ))
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 04 2009

       my initial thought was why would you want to eat a dog poo bag, but on reading this is ingenious, perfect chindogu.
conskeptical, Jan 05 2009

       - or why you'd want a bag for your edible dog poo...
hippo, Jan 05 2009

       \\ or why you'd want a bag for your edible dog poo... \\   

       social norms frown on holding edible poo bare handed. Also goin at it like a watermelon eating contest( no handed) is not a savvy action, day in day out.   

       storage. well sure a Russian tea cup pups' poo is but an apatiser. albeit a Irish wolf hounds excrement is a weeks doo doo of food. and packaging should be in order.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 05 2009

       this is a great idea, though I have to wonder if some poo wouldn't come out around the bag and then-- yuck... a bun for wacky theory +
xandram, Jan 06 2009

       //this is a great idea, though//   

       It is, as you have spotted, a terrible idea for precisely the reason you give. But it would *almost* work, which is I think what this place is about.
wagster, Jan 06 2009

       Will need contraception appliances at some juncture.   

skinflaps, Jan 08 2009


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