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MagnoMeal Additive

Hands free waste disposal
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Encapsulate very small particles of rare earth magnets in a teflon, polycarbonate or other hard plastic coating that is unscathed by stomach acid or the digestive process. Whatever plastic is used must be strong enough to resist cracking during the chewing process. Teflon might allow the particles to slip between teeth.. (?)

Mix said capsules in with regular dog food and wait for Rover to deposit somewhere in the yard.

Cleanup is achieved using a strong electromagnet encased in a metal detector-esque wand. Power on, wave the wand over your yard and Rover's little presents just stick right to it. Hold the wand over the trash and cut the power, and your days of cleaning up pet waste are over.

I'm sure there is probably a very good reason that no one has baked this one up yet..

Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

Now Magnomeal compatible Poo-ba
poo-ba with Magnomeal [jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006]


       Broken doggie teeth.
BinaryCookies, Aug 12 2002

       If Rover has buried his, um, doggie doings, what's wrong with just leaving them buried? And if he hasn't, I think you can find them much more easily than this.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2002

       Rover doesn't bury them, or else I wouldn't have to come up with crap like this..   

       The problem is not to locating them, it's cleaning them up easily without even having to look for them.. just wave the magnet around.
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       I'd say it's easier in the long run to teach Phydeau to poop in an approved portion of the yard.   

       But taking the idea a step further, how about burning the output and recycling the magnetic material?
phoenix, Aug 12 2002

       whats wrong with a bum-bag? answers on a postcard to phoenix or DrCurry.
po, Aug 12 2002

       Phoenix: Phydeaux does indeed poop in the approved area. I just don't like hitting the hidden ones with the mower..
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       Stick the wand in the ground in the approved poop area and keep it on 24 hours a day. Wherever Phydeaux deposits, the fallout will make a beeline for the wand.
FarmerJohn, Aug 12 2002

       Maybe I should have called this "Magna Doodie"
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       I really like this idea. Then you'd have electromagnetic flying shit logs! Think about the possibilities. You could have radio-controlled shitcakes... just aim over neighbor's fence and drop... This would most certainly replace all other pedestrian radio-controlled toys. Croissant now, before someone eats it and then steers it into your backyard in its excremental form.   

       I do, however, wonder about A. the practicality, and B. the possible dangers to Phydeaux's health.
polartomato, Aug 14 2002

       Wouldn't the capsules just rip out of the poop?
madradish, Aug 14 2002

       madradish: If they were small enough and there was a sufficient amount of them, I think that enough of them would stay in place to accomplish this. Dog poop gets rock hard after a day or so outside..
Mr Burns, Aug 14 2002

       A perfect companion product to the Poo-ba, yard maintenace system. See Link   

       Now we provide onboard mangnetometer to increase poo tracking ability, even on old pooh and as a special base station addon, we provide a Magnomeal recovery system, that utilizes water and magnetic separation to recover and recycle your Magnomeal additive.
jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006


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