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Dogs That Eat Banks

dog biscuit range
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Dogs love biscuits, and now you can watch them crunch and munch on the corporate logos of the greedy banks that brought economic meltdown to the financial world.
xenzag, Jan 06 2009


       Or how about Jelly Bankers?
coprocephalous, Jan 07 2009

       Feed them corporate logos? Yuck, I'd rather feed my dog something a bit more nourishing than iced geometric symbolism - how about some representations of formulaic greedy artists like Damien Hurst or Tracy Emin? We could watch our dogs chow down on pickled sharks and unmade beds while bemoaning the cynical cultural meltdown of the artistic world.   

       Other whinge-biscuits might include representations of other annoying things like little tax-men, fast-food clowns, sugar-centric drink purveyors, disposable razor manufacturers, the annoying practice that the mobile-phone people have of changing their chargers every 3 years so you have to buy a new one when you upgrade your disposable phone, consumerism in general, television, traffic cones - in fact, anything that someone might find annoying.
zen_tom, Jan 07 2009

       More [xenzag] aceness.   

       Which bank will make my dog's arse smell least awful?
wagster, Jan 07 2009

       I think that that's an experiment that you will have to conduct on your own, wags.
DrBob, Jan 07 2009

       Can we have dog biscuits in the shape of the noise that mating foxes make? Or of when you bite your nails and you pull a bit too much off and the skin at the edge gets infected and hurts for days?
theleopard, Jan 07 2009

       I bet Fannie Mae biscuits wouldn't do his colon much good.
wagster, Jan 07 2009

       At least all the deposits that will be made are belong to you.
4whom, Jan 07 2009

       Ah yes, the banks. Now they truly have gone to the dogs.
Bad Jim, Jan 07 2009

       Hey - [Bad Jim] - you figured it out!
xenzag, Jan 08 2009

       //I want Barclay brothers biscuits stuck together then mashed into oblivion//
Is that a Sarky comment?
coprocephalous, Jan 08 2009

       One CFC (Countrywide Financial Corp) biscuit please! Make sure it’s particularly brittle and crumbles as quickly as their 2007 stock value. Though my pup can’t read, make sure you include Mozilo’s $121.7 million cash options from this same year; inscribed on the back of the biscuit.   

       //Um... could you explain? Sorry, my mind is on a go-slow today //
The Barclay twins/brothers (who to the best of my knowledge have nothing at all to do with Barclays Bank) have recently been in the news for their alleged attempts to influence the elections on Sark.
Sorry, my poor attempt at a pun.
coprocephalous, Jan 09 2009


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