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Exotic live (free food) pet feeder.

FREE live flying insects for your exotic pet (Frog,lizard,spider,carnivorous plant,ect.)
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It took me about 1 year, 15 prototypes & one divorce to create this one of A kind device. Named it after my little boy who helped me create the idea: The Austin Fly Catcher. A.F.C. exotic pet feeder (for short). This harmless, non-poisonous device can be placed in or outside of the home. It provides (in the most effective way) free live wild common flies (& sometimes A roach or two as an added treat for your pet), and A great way to naturally rid your living space of those nasty pest. Capture, containment, & transport to your exotic pet's stomach. When operated correctly it catches more than enough food for your pet with no escape from those flying, captured pest. Any feed back welcomed.
Revcon2, Nov 06 2002


       [Rods] - stupid names, tell me about it!
PeterSilly, Nov 06 2002

       I dunno. My cat is pretty good at catching flies herself.
DrCurry, Nov 06 2002

       Yes, but HOW?
egbert, Nov 06 2002

       Methinks Anabelle is an anteater - you've been sold a dud, [bliss].
PeterSilly, Nov 06 2002

       Sorry - I thought you had two.
PeterSilly, Nov 06 2002

       Sheesh, she catches them like most cats, by leaping in the air and clapping her paws on them (this generally disables them, whereupon they fall to the ground and she eats them up). My old cat used to catch butterflies like this, but since we live in an apartment building, Annabelle doesn't much get out where butterflies roam.
DrCurry, Nov 06 2002

       I live in Florida, which is flying-insect central in the spring and summer. Even with the large population of small outdoor lizards, we still have plenty of surplus bugs. Now being that all of the newbies in town with their sprays and junk have gotten rid of most of the nice bug-eating bats, I think your invention is a good idea - most apartments won't let you keep dogs or cats, so an exotic lizard or two (with bug-catcher) could be the next "in-style" hot seller as pets go. Might need big lizards though - I caught a couple of cockroaches trying to pry off my hubcaps the other day - good thing I had my pistol or they woulda kicked the crap outta me with that crowbar.
Troubadour, Feb 01 2003


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