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mini people dog-biscuits
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Fidosaurus is the brand name given to a range of dog- biscuits. This name was chosen because when your dog is eating one of these new biscuits, the effect is visually similar to that of a large hairy dinosaur sized beast chewing on an unfortunate small human victim.

This is due to the Fidosaurus biscuit range taking the form of a series of miniature human figures in various 'normal everyday" poses, such as: walking in the rain with an umbrella; sitting on a bench reading a newspaper; standing in a queue with hands in pockets.

Supplementing the 'normal range' is the 'terror range' featuring figures in various attitudes of total panic.

The biscuits are quite detailed but not flimsy, meaning that most dogs will need to chew, crunch and gnaw on them (loudly) over time, perhaps abandoning them half eaten for future consumption, or even burial.

When your dog begins eating, you can now film or photograph it as the resulting horror reveals itself, of a monstrous dog chewing on a miniature person who only a few minutes earlier was quietly reading their paper.

xenzag, Apr 29 2019

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       Will it be possible to order biscuits that specifically resemble individuals, for example [MaxwellBuchanan] ? In a small size, suitable for, say, Shih Tzu ?   

       If so, we'll have four dozen boxes, express delivery.
8th of 7, Apr 29 2019

       Yes. We can also supply that model in "obscure Eastern God variety" with extra limbs and other bits for prolonged chewing off action.
xenzag, Apr 29 2019

       The idea specifies dog biscuits, not rat biscuits
pocmloc, Apr 29 2019

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2019

       Come here TO-CHOKE... here boy! Who's a good boy? TO-CHOKE is a good boy!   

       Somehow, a typo in ALL CAPS is even more embarrassing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2019

       // rat biscuits //   

       We'll have the same quantity of [pocmloc]-shaped ones too.   

       And the [MB] batch ... we'd prefer them without the sour, bitter taint of the original.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2019

       What makes you assume that you're immune to becoming dog food? In your case the idea would naturally take the form of a crunchy cat treat.
xenzag, Apr 30 2019

       Oh, we already manufacture our own Borg-cube shaped cat treats ... crisp on the outside with a melt-in-the-mouth Nitrogen Tri-iodide centre.   

       Although more of a CRUMP than a crunch ... obviously if you're close, the shock wave is too loud to be perceived as sound.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2019

       It might end up training dogs to bite small children [+].
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 30 2019

       "mini people dog-biscuits"   

       This is really an evil plan by the cats to subliminally condition dogs to consider people food to drive a wedge between us so they can supplant them as mans best friend & take over the world isn't it?   

       Is that you Mr Tinkles?
Skewed, May 01 2019

       I think it will not train dogs to bite anyone, because most dogs can tell the difference between a human and something that looks like a human to humans but not to dogs [+].
notexactly, May 01 2019

       These dog biscuits should have slightly softer, red-coloured interior for maximum effect. Also, I'm trying to think of the right additive which would generate smoke or steam when being chewed to give the right kind of fire-breathing Godzilla effect.
hippo, May 01 2019

       // an evil plan by the cats //   

       Tautology; implies the possibility of a plan by the cats that is not pure evil.
8th of 7, May 01 2019

       //the right additive which would generate smoke or steam when being chewed to give the right kind of fire-breathing Godzilla effect.//   

       If the outer shell were oil-based, you could go for a metallic potassium filling.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2019

       //you could go for a metallic potassium filling// - in fact I was thinking of non-fatal solutions, but this could work too...
hippo, May 01 2019

       I'm happy enough with basic sound effects and visuals. The efforts to introduce pyrotechnics are welcome, but would probably cause any dog to drop his crunchy biscuit and be very wary of them in future.
xenzag, May 01 2019

       Some Numbers (WolframAlpha)   

       6100kg T-Rex, 62kg Human gives human being 0.01 of a T-Rex   

       large dog 70kg gives 0.7 = a 700g barbie or ken biscuit.   

       Shih Tzu average 5.67kg gives a 56 g [Max] special effect biscuity effigy.   

       Average human biscuit 49g Average dog biscuit 0.139935 kg = 140g
wjt, May 04 2019

       Those last two values seem high, unless there's some misunderstanding.   

       A quick practical check has McVities Plain Chocolate Digestives at about 12g each, and individual dog biscuits such as Shapes and Gravy Bones in the 5 to 10g range. Bonios are bigger and heavier, but still nowhere near 140g.
8th of 7, May 05 2019

       Wolfram calculated one biscuit serving size as 49g. Wikipedia gave the largest dog biscuit at 279.87 kg 2000x the average.   

       Your right though, a quick look in a cupboard, that doesn't have Cookietime cookies, shows the numbers for human biscuits are a bit high. Don't know the range of dog biscuits.
wjt, May 05 2019

       You're forgetting that dogs range in size from tiny Chihuahuas to Neapolitan mastiffs. That which looks impressive in a small dog's mouth would be swallowed hole by a bigger breed, so the Fidosuraus range naturally comes as Small, Medium and Large humans.
xenzag, May 05 2019

       Realism detail, and packaged effects are controlled by scale. The small ones are going to be expensive.
wjt, May 05 2019

       With 3D printing, maybe not.   

       Larger effigies will require more material and take longer to print; thus if the biscuits are truly bespoke likenesses, individually generated, unit cost will be directly proportional to size, for small batches.   

       If you 3D print a multi-use mould, maybe not so much.   

       The HalfBakery: The only place in the known Universe where the economics of customised dog-biscuit manufacture are the subject of serious discussion ...
8th of 7, May 05 2019

       //The only place in the known Universe where the economics of customised dog-biscuit manufacture are the subject of serious discussion//   

       Ahem.. [linky]   

       £8 & they're yours.
Skewed, May 05 2019

       Customised treats, yes; but a discussion of the economics thereof ? We think not.
8th of 7, May 06 2019

       //a discussion of the economics thereof ? We think not//   

       There is a company that sells customized dog treats > they're still in business > so presumably they do things like basic costing, overheads & pricing analysis > ergo there was indeed a discussion of the economics thereof even if only as basic as "so, what are we going to sell these for?"
Skewed, May 06 2019

       Then there's the gag response, acceptance then boredom and how fast the product use pictures spread affecting projected sale figures.
wjt, May 07 2019


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