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Donner Party Diner

Trendy new restaurant
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I am thinking of opening a dinner in Truckee, CA called the DONNER PARTY DINER. It would serve items such as: BBQ ribs; Breast, leg and thigh platter; finger steaks; rump roast diner... etc. I have ideas for tee shirts, menus and the look in the restaurant itself. I think it will be a great tourist stop in the Sierras. Anyone out there like to front the capital?
JMAC, Aug 08 2001

Alferd Packer Memorial Grill http://www.roadside...set/MEATpacker.html
Different episode of frontier cannibalism, similar idea. [Uncle Nutsy, Aug 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The American Experience: The Donner Party http://www.pbs.org/...onner/donnerts.html
"Alone among the survivors, Lewis Keseberg spoke openly of eating human flesh and was reviled as a man-eater and ghoul. During the Gold Rush, he made his fortune and in 1851 opened a restaurant in Sacramento." [Uncle Nutsy, Aug 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Cannibal restaurant http://www.halfbake...nnibal_20restaurant
A previous version. [phoenix, Jun 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Shame on you [El P] for failing to point out the erroneous 'BBQ'. The word is 'barbecue' with a 'C', from the Taino 'barbacoa'. Bigger shame on [JMAC] for using it.
angel, Aug 08 2001

       Baby back ribs; Bloody Mary (how shall I make this plural, El Pedanto?).
protean, Aug 08 2001

       I agree with El Pedanto. Perhaps learning to write and speak English correctly would be the logical first step.
farfel, Aug 08 2001

       am i at the halfbakery, or the National Spelling Bee! the idea is the important thing! it is a sick, sick, sick, demented idea, but the point still remains!
daisyjane, Aug 08 2001

       Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Slice to wash it down of course.
thumbwax, Aug 08 2001

       The University of Colorado at Boulder has a grill named for- and full of homages to- Alferd Packer, protagonist of the west's second-most-famous cannibal incident (immortalized by "South Park"'s Trey Parker and Matt Stone in "Cannibal! The Musical"). Nothing for the Donner Party yet, though. Then again, one of the Donner Party survivors did open a restaurant. See links.   

       [Off-topic: Since I have a very common first name and a last name apparently beyond the pronunciation capabilities of restaurant servers, I always use "Donner" when asked for the name of my party.]
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 08 2001

       Oh Uncle Nutsy! Not really? How many of the name-takers twig to the joke?   

       *Somebody* has been deleting El Pedanto's annos before I read them. One hopes it was El Pedanto him(her)self, because...   

       You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't erase an Ezra Pound 'Canto'
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
And you don't delete El Pedanto!

       (Yeah, ok, *you* try rhyming El Pedanto!)
Dog Ed, Aug 08 2001

       Dog Ed: Really, and, to date, not a single one has got it. Or, at least, not a single one has reacted to it.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 08 2001

       Would you be willing to supply your recipes for a special cookbook I want to write called Cooking with Hannibal, forwarded by the late great Jeff Dahmer?
Tain, Aug 09 2001

       Despite the deletion of my annotation I note the spelling errors have been corrected.   

       [daisyjane], they are one and the same. I feel the point is all the sharper for being made eloquently. By the way, your grammar is atrocious.   

       [angel], it had occurred to me to point out that barbecue (or barbacoa) is more correctly "a method of cooking on an open rack in the smoke of a fire, rather than direct cooking of the food". I feared the point would be lost in the ensuing melee, contenting myself with simple spelling and grammatical corrections.   

       [Uncle Nutsy], did you notice the resemblance of Alferd Packer to one Charles Manson?
El Pedanto, Aug 09 2001

       What was the name of the restaurant in Fried Green Tomatoes? Oh, yeah, the Whistle Stop Cafe. They were famous for their Southern Barbecue, and wasn't it broadly implied that Frank Bennett's disappearance coincided with the arrival some of their tenderest ribs?   

       Maybe [JMAC] can get Idgie and Big George to cook for him!
Canuck, Aug 09 2001

       I don't see why the story of the Donner Party should be so cringe-inducing to an Aussie. M.P. Pauline Hanson of the One Nation Party, after all, has made the claim that the Aborigines routinely engaged in child cannibalism. If Australia can stomach Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party, the Donner Party should be nothing.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 09 2001

       My favourite pick from the menu would be Donner Kebabs, I guess ..... with plenty of Chilly sauce.   

       Sawney bean soup as a starter, perhaps ?
8th of 7, Jun 17 2002


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