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Hospital themed restaurant
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I would like to see a restaurant with an exhagerated hospital theme, serving stereotypye hospital food in a nouvel quisine way, as well as some other tastefully though out items on the menu with hospital connotations.

On entrance, diners would be suited in green scrubs, and led to their tables by the captain dressed in white.

The ambiance would be quiet and dark, with tables resembling operating counters, complete with the paperish tablecloth. A bright light would would hang from the high ceiling and spot on the table, as if making ready for surgery.

Waiters and waitresses would be dressed in green scrubs, and would walk around with clipboars holding the menus. They would then lead you to view the menu at the side of the restaurant. To do this one would have to hold up x-ray esque plastic card to the flourescent board to reveal the items.

cuttlery would resemble surgical tools, using bluntened scalpels for knives, and tweesers for forks. Crockery would be large metal dishes with crescent shaped dishes on the side, and drinks would be served on an IV stand attatched to the table.

Condiments would come in sryinges all lined up next to eachother on a extension part of the table, and napkins would be made from large pieces of gauze.

The restaurant would only accomodate a small amount of people in the large space its set in, to maintain the desired ambiance, as well as exclusivity.

shinobi, Dec 09 2005

Moe's Knows Burritos http://en.wikipedia...e's_Southwest_Grill
Ruprict, Close Talker, and make hers I Said Posse. [reensure, Dec 09 2005, last modified Dec 10 2005]

Singapore: The Clinic http://atlasobscura.com/place/the-clinic
Hopsital-themed art bar [jutta, Nov 10 2011]

Riga: Hospitalis (no longer in business) http://atlasobscura...spitalis-restaurant
"Waitresses are dressed in skimpy nurse uniforms and fluorescent orange wigs. [...] Meals are served in stainless steel dishes and eaten with surgical utensils. Drinks are served in medical beakers and test tubes." [jutta, Nov 10 2011]


       //The ambiance would be quiet and dark//   

       I read this as ambulance!, And I bet 90% of the subsequent visitors will as well. Its an autosuggestion...
Minimal, Dec 09 2005

       Want to lose weight? Forget the Liposuction... just eat here a couple of times and we'll put you off food for good. (+)
Flux, Dec 09 2005

       def of "clipboar" - large hairy pig like animal that knows how to cut hair. I loved your idea - brains on toast coming up +
xenzag, Dec 09 2005

       Just the rice pudding and a sponge bath please...
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 09 2005

       Just the fish and lumpy tapioca, thanks.
skinflaps, Dec 09 2005

       A common conversation in the resturant- "What's that on your plate? Is that human brain tissue or is that macaroni?"
Jscotty, Dec 09 2005

       "serving stereotypye hospital food" - whatever the ostensible reason, proposing a restaurant that serves bad food cannot be considered a winner. And having been in so many, there's nothing like a hospital to put me off my food, even if it were remotely appetizing.
DrCurry, Dec 09 2005

       Maybe you could call the chain DocDonalds?
Minimal, Dec 09 2005

       The waitresses should be dressed as nurses.
skinflaps, Dec 09 2005

       The dining room should smell like a restaurant.
reensure, Dec 09 2005

       A restaurant I go to has weird names for their menu items ... well, link.   

       Some naming conventions for the hospital fare would be, appropriate.
reensure, Dec 09 2005

       you *like* hospital food?   

       this seems like a joke that my kids used to make.
po, Dec 09 2005


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