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Door Bellows

Freshen any room by transforming the door into bellows.
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The end of final semester drawing near the students begin to emerge from their hibernaculums stricken with pallor, perhaps scurvy, and certainly MSG toxicity from those delectable instant ramen packets.

Upon sucking fresh air for the first time into their spoon-like chests, their lungs burn and feel vertigo from the rich oxygenation and retreat hastily back into the dusty, dankness of their dormitories. Upon reentering it is then that they realize the stenches that they have grown all too accustomed to.

To air out these rooms, a fantastic pressure must be generated somehow that is unlikely to occur without large bellows. Therefore, the accordion material of bellows is affixed to the door and door frame, transforming the door into a powerful air freshening machine.

rcarty, Apr 06 2010


       Unfortunately, there would be some rooms that never freshen--because the doors never open.
DrWorm, Apr 06 2010

       Yes, that most obvious of problems one realizes upon its reaching of the motor cortex.
rcarty, Apr 06 2010


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