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Cut Wood Air Freshener

From the guy who brought you the "You Are Shady Card"
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Recently, the overlords (or, more accurately, overladies) in The Workplace asked me to move offices from my cubby in the copy room - no joke - to a place that actually had things like silence, and where I wasn't confused with the Xerox repairman.

I complied, of course, because I enjoy being able to pay about 85% of my mortgage every month, and wound up in a much larger office with one deficit: the storage closet's shelves were warped from years of water leakage (apparently I share a wall with a temperamental coffeemaker), overloading, and the twin feelings of failure and humiliation that seems to be pretty pervasive around here.

So, I had them replaced by the Workplace's facilities staff, who did a bang-up job, and even were kind enough to not paint them.

My coworker (same one referenced in the summary) came in this afternoon, shoved his head in the closet, and inhaled deeply. Then he commented, "I wish I could get a Glade plug-in that smelled like cut wood."

So here we go. A standard electrically-powered air freshener that contains esters that, in combination, are remeniscent of freshly-cut plywood.

Deluxe models come with a small fan and very fine sawdust that is blown across a room once every few days to add to the olfactory illusion.

shapu, Jan 29 2007

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[angel, Jan 30 2007]

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[xandram, Jan 30 2007]


       Have you tried cedar shoe trees? Alternatively, you can get cedar wood shavings from pet stores for that fine woodsy smell.
pathetic, Jan 30 2007

       I don't think he is looking for the smell of /real/ wood, but rather that of freshly sawn plywood. Probably a nice scent of formaldehyde adhesives.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2007

       //85% of my mortgage every month// That sounds like a pretty well-paid job
hippo, Jan 30 2007

       Said plug in could actually contain a tiny rasp which would periodically buzz away at the contained chunk of wood. The user could periodically add new chunks, possilby garnered from wooden objects in the environment or outside on the grounds. Nonwood items might be inserted to determine their fragantificatory powers on being rasped.
bungston, May 08 2009


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