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Ceiling light air freshener

Air freshener with lamp fitting & socket
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[edited to be slightly more international] There exist any number of air fresheners which plug into wall outlets, but none which fit into light bulb sockets.

This one would. Furthermore, it would either have a lamp socket in it (just as some plug in fresheners have outlets in them), or have a light built into it, so you wouldn't be deprived of your light due to the desire for fresh scent.

goldbb, May 07 2009


       //But light bulbs on the ceiling don't have edison screw fittings\\ In that particular part of the world where I live ofcourse it might be different for other parts of the world and I wouldn't want to come of all (insert name of country) centered// - they have normal BC fittings. ES fittings are for special purpose uses.\\
zeno, May 08 2009

       Over here, light bulbs on the ceiling have edison screw fittings, and the only light bulbs I've ever seen with anything resembling a BC fitting were in a car.   

       Sounds like the air freshener company may have to develop multiple product lines in order to work with different standardized lightings in various parts of the world.
ye_river_xiv, May 08 2009

       I bet the desire for fresh scent varies in intensity according to cultural background and geographic location.
bungston, May 08 2009


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