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Doppler Radar Interferometer

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Background info: The Keck interferometer connects two Keck telescopes in Hawaii. The interferometer works like this: if one telescope sees something that the other does not, that spot is "subtracted" from, and it will get dimmer. It a spot is on both telescopes, the spot will be amplified. This adds resolution of the telescopes, and makes their resolution equal to the size of a (US-American)football-field size aperture.

Now, apply this to doppler radar. This technology is used to see weather systems. The problem sometimes is, the radio wave will bounce off nearby buildings, thus creating noise.

If we take two doppler towers, which are a certain distance apart, and connect them to an interferometer, calibrate it, and the noise of nearby buildings is reduced, and resolution will be increased.

Akabaka, Nov 01 2005


       I thought they were already using interferometry in Doppler radar?
DrCurry, Nov 01 2005

       [UnaBubba] Do they use two towers, two emitters on the same tower, or what?
Akabaka, Nov 01 2005

       Oh...sounds logical.
Akabaka, Nov 02 2005


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