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Flip-book Weathervane

a moving cartoon atop your building on windy days
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When I was a kid we used to create cartoons in our textbooks by hand- you sort of flip the edge of the pages and watch the animation. A weathervane could be made with a large number of flaps (like a big rolodex) that have an amusing cartoon on them. Depending on the direction of the wind, the cartoon would go backwards or forwards. Probably wouldn't be so funny in a hurricane-too blurry.
Rm Brz, Apr 02 2006

Cup Anemometer http://www.arm.ac.u...rep2000/node13.html
I suspect that this idea would work better with an anemometer than a plain old weathervane. [jurist, Apr 03 2006]


       Pretty cool idea, actually.   

       How would you return frames to the front?
zack112358, Apr 02 2006

       There's no return- because of the rotational nature of the device, there would be just a repeating motion. Maybe big lips kissing over and over or a guy getting hit on the head. There could be advertising applications as well. Another cool thing is that the cartoon is visible from all sides of the building.
Rm Brz, Apr 02 2006

po, Apr 02 2006

       Thank you, Jurist- I was actually looking for that very word.
Rm Brz, Apr 03 2006

       I like the lowtech aspect of this. You would need a pinwheel with a single cog that came around to flip up the next page.
bungston, Apr 03 2006

       Perhaps best with an animation of a cock rising in the morning.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 03 2006

       + Churnage.   

       I've been to Vegas where prostitution is legal...the idea for a repetitious advertising cartoon for a brothel is disturbing, to say the least.
P-p-polly, Jun 04 2006

       I saw a show once where these clay figures spun on the spokes of a horizontal wheel. A strobe light made the clay shape in front of you apparently change shape. Very cool stuff. Anyway, lightning may have the same effect. BUN!
daseva, Jul 27 2006


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