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Meteoriatric geriatrology.

"Well... I guarentee it's gonna rain...."
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"M'trick knee says rain come the mornin, but it feels like it'll only last til 'bout 'leven thirty." "Over to you Nancy."

"Yep, my guess is noon, but this here eyebrow twitch of mine is a sure sign that we are going to get a bit of lightening with that rain, let that be a warning to you early morning golfers out there, How’s the long term forecast shaping up Frank?"

"The rume'tism in my knuckles tells me we're in for a pressure change and seeing as how the pain in my wrists seems fit to split'em open I'd say were gonna get sunshine straight through the weekend." "Join us for hourly coverage of your local weather forecast from the most trusted source there is, your elders." "Good night and good news."

[lbaf] got (de)fingered http://letsbuildafo...dafort_archive.html
A tale of struggle, friendship, and squirting blood. [AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006]

Front Porch Forecasters http://www.cia.com.au/seale/larson3.jpg
Gary Larson cartoon [Jinbish, Apr 18 2006]


       Yeah, why the heck not. Probably more reliable than news 30. +
sartep, Apr 16 2006

       No lie - this seriously happens with my re-attached finger.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2006

       I believe it. I've got a small bone chip floating around one knee that lets me know a change is coming. I think it has something to do with air pressure.   

       I have terrible trouble getting out of bed on cold days.
po, Apr 16 2006

       I've been hoping for some kind of weather forecast from my finger stump (I like to call it "Stumpy". Not very original, I know, but hey...) ever since I got it. Nothing. You guys are so lucky.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 16 2006

       [Letsbuildafort] - How'd that happen? C'mon, tell us!<Story time, kids!>   

       I broke my thumb when I was a kid; it did permanent damage, and it now has way less dexterity. It also doesn't move smoothly, it sort of sticks, then pops to where I want it to go.
DesertFox, Apr 17 2006

       Totally off topic, sartep is a moderator? OH WOE IS US!!!   

       fries, I love the idea but only if the maps are replaced by anatomical drawings.   

       "Wow Nancy, your eyebrows do look a wee bit scary today..."
blissmiss, Apr 17 2006

       Are you sure about hourly coverage? I would think the evening news show would be at 3:30 pm, the late night news at about 6 pm, and that would be it for the night. Of course, morning news starts at 4 am.
sleeka, Apr 17 2006

       I can't make sense of this - is there some swiss cheese?   

       Anyway, bun just for the title, and now for my contribution:   

       "And a sharp pain in the thumb joint means Detroit's in fer a pastin' tonight!"   

       I'll let a native explain.
egbert, Apr 17 2006

       LIsten mister, just because I posted on an idea does NOT automatically mean there is gonna be swiss cheese.
blissmiss, Apr 17 2006

       Don't be so sensitive, dear. I mean OBVIOUSLY I'm not referring to you, as your annos are still here. But some of the things you and Po are saying don't make sense to me. Or have I just been away too long?
egbert, Apr 17 2006

       hey, you picked up an accent..
po, Apr 17 2006

       po and bliss could be identical twins separated at birth, who communicate with each other using a strange language all their own...   

       Or you might have been away too long. I get that way sometimes, so I just smile and nod my head. Drat! My secret is out!   

       Uncle Will was feeling poorly
Said "the boys" were sore as heck
Next day we got hit by hailstones
Some so big they'd break your neck
Scant few days later Will complained
"The boys" they throbbed, of this he's certain
When there came no nasty weather
We repaired the widow's bedroom curtain.
Canuck, Apr 17 2006

       //[Letsbuildafort] - How'd that happen? C'mon, tell us!<Story time, kids!>//   

       *a link appears*   

       [letsbuildamikewill] - I'll drop the link if you ask. It's worth everyone seeing.
AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006

       Cool, man - I was gonna do it earlier, but got sidetracked. Thanks, [JaffroAssault].
Letsbuildafort, Apr 17 2006

       That was disturbing.
zeno, Apr 17 2006

       Quite the tale indeed.   

       Yeah - hollywood can't make that crap up ... leave it to the professionals to actually LOSE bits ...
Letsbuildafort, Apr 18 2006

       My once shattered heel knows when a storm's on the way. I don't know how but have it on my to-do list to 1) find out how 2) figure out why it happens when the pressure drops but not when I climb a mountain, and 3) callibrate the pain / onset time to a barometer. If it's going to be that way it may as well be useful. +   

       Nice story, [Lbaf]. :)
Shz, Apr 18 2006

       Yes, very interesting story [Lbaf]. Ahhh, good times, good times. My story is not nearly as interesting. Two words- table saw.   

       Update: I thought Stumpy might've felt something this morning but, no, it was nothing. MAN, you guys are lucky <walks away with head hund down, hands in pocket, kicking at the dirt with toe of shoe>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 18 2006

       //I thought Stumpy might've felt something this morning//   

       I really hope "Stumpy" is your finger.
AfroAssault, Apr 18 2006

       Nice ta see ya, [Afro] - [fort] gave me a link already.   

       I get sinus headaches whenever a front blows in, because of pressure differential; does that count?
DesertFox, Apr 18 2006

       //I really hope "Stumpy" is your finger.//   

       What are you implying? Who are are you talking to? Because if it's Margaret, that wasn't my fault. It was really cold that day and she had issues anyway.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 19 2006

       Good find [Jinbish]. Larson rules.   


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