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Double Decker Bus Stops

Increase bus (dis)embarkation efficiency
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The double-decker bus exists. There's no use pretending it doesn't, so we'll have to deal with it. Unless you live 'round my way where the preferred bus is bendy. The type that so kindly mount the curb while turning each and every corner. Anyhow, "Busses that fit the city they're in" is an idea so absurd I won't get into it.

So, the double-decker bus has stairs. These take up space on the bus that could otherwise be used for more seats, or perhaps a vending machine supplying tea & snacks in an attempt to offset the misery of bus travel. To address this, we can simply move the stairs to the bus stop.

Now, we create a bus stop with an upstairs, the bus pulls up and riders simply step across the 183cm gap to their preferred floor. Boarding speed will be doubled, increasing the average speed of the bus to almost pedestrian levels.

bs0u0155, Sep 04 2019

baked on the bakery by a previous baker Quick-Load_20Double-Decker
[xenzag, Sep 05 2019]

Double-Deckchair [xenzag, Sep 05 2019]



       [Pauses to think about this]   

       In exchange for maybe an extra two seats (four counting both decks) & a loss of any ability to get any passengers on or off it's top deck anywhere other than predetermined routes.   

       You get a bunch curly iron stairways stood next to roads with no attached building?   

       That should thoroughly confuse any archaeologists that dig them up a few hundred years later, I approve [+]   

       We just have to make sure that all of the actual buses are thoroughly recycled ('destroyed') & all mention of them is removed from any records or the whole jokes wasted.
Skewed, Sep 04 2019

       Hmm.. it's probably safest if we never build any of the stairless double deckers in the 1st place, just the stairs, we can't forget to thoroughly remove any evidence of them then.
Skewed, Sep 04 2019

       Hey [Skewed], the Ministry of Truth is currently advertising for staff with your skill set. Just remember to tell them at the interview that you bellyfeel doubleplusgood Ingsoc and the job's yours. You never know, you might end up working for that nice Mr. O'Brien.
8th of 7, Sep 04 2019

       //that nice Mr. O'Brien//   

       [Foams at mouth for an indeterminate period of time.. calms a little.. tries to pretend he didn't hear anything]
Skewed, Sep 05 2019

       Oh, the noise ? That's just the rats, [Skewed] ... they scrabble around a lot when they haven't been fed.
8th of 7, Sep 05 2019

       The upper class deck of the bus stop would be further away from the rats so common at ground level. In addition, heating and air conditioning to the upper deck of the bus/stop should be provided by conventional heat pump technology. Sadly, the lower deck will house the heat source/sink, making the lower deck disproportionately uncomfortable
bs0u0155, Sep 05 2019

       I think this is an excellent idea. My only slight concern is that this will initiate an 'arms race' between bus manufacturers and bus stop manufacturers. There is currently an uneasy truce, with single-level bus stops and double-decker buses, but the introduction of the two-level bus stop will surely trigger bus manufacturers to retaliate with the triple-decker bus.
hippo, Sep 05 2019

       So, you'll trade space on a bus for even more city space taken up by the exit ramps once the wheelchair-bound decide its their right to travel on the top deck.
RayfordSteele, Sep 05 2019

       Wheelchair users will of course be welcome on the double deck bus network. Upper deck access will be granted to occupants of the upper deck of the now inevitable double deck wheelchairs.
bs0u0155, Sep 05 2019

       // double deck wheelchairs. //   

       Clearly, a concept whose time has come ... go on, post it.
8th of 7, Sep 05 2019

       The idea was already posted.....in 2008 See link.
xenzag, Sep 05 2019

       I devised a double deck deckchair sometime ago, so a double deck wheel chair would be a natural partner product.
xenzag, Sep 05 2019


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