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highway gambling

driving becomes risky business
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let's say you're on a three-lane highway. you go through a toll booth-like kiosk, and get some sort of parking ticket-like tab, which you redeem at the end of your session. when you get back up to speed on the road, you pass markers that have changing characters on them. these characters are of course things like cherries, 7's, and other average slot machine symbols. when you pass one of these markers, a camera takes a picture of your car and associates that picture with the character currently being displayed on the sign. then SWERVE TO THE RIGHT! you have to pass the next sign and register another character. of course, the object is to get three matching characters in a row. it's GAMBLING! when you turn off the highway, you can redeem your ID ticket and collect whatever you won (if you won anything at all). the best part about this idea is imagining a normal traffic day on a highway like this :)))))
tomatozip, Jun 02 2003


       The average American driver is deaf, blind and retarded, I can't imagine that this would contribute anything but carnage and death.
ato_de, Jun 02 2003

       Will the cameras illuminate the photo subject car in the same way as speed cameras in the UK do - with a double flash? If so, on busy days these highways will be strobe roads and "it looks like I'm the only one moving" (© Steven Wright).
my face your, Jun 02 2003

       //the best part about this idea is imagining a normal traffic day on a highway like this//   

       Got that right...   

       Shades of "Death Race 2000."   

       A sensible implementation of this would be a childrens' version where they can spot symbols and signs planted along the road and check them off on the toll card, bingo-style.   

       Croissant. Y'all are too serious.
snarfyguy, Jun 02 2003

       swerving to the right: just puttin' ya in the driver's seat, that's all. thank you everyone for the constructive criticism! it's * snif* my first halfbaked idea! I conceived it about two seconds before I went unconscious last night. amazed I remembered it! oh, and maybe only imagine a little bit of carnage-- more coordination than carnage... my idea of a "normal traffic day" was a tad more optimistic than yours 8)   

       I like that strobe thing too- just the right touch!
tomatozip, Jun 03 2003

Infinitely buzzing, Jun 03 2003

       This is a national sport in the UAE. Happens on a daily basis, including the ever popular 'can u spot the green light' game, whereby attentive drivers anxiously wait for the traffic light to turn green and hoot in sync with the switch. First one to honk wins the Moron of the Day award!... (This one's for TW )
Infinitely buzzing, Jun 03 2003

Infinitely buzzing, Jun 03 2003

       Aaah, much better - isn't the delete button wonderful?
thumbwax, Jun 03 2003

       You assume everyone drives like you do ato_de
(), Jun 03 2003

       //What's the deal with swerving to the right?//   

       I think (s)he's saying the driver has to be in proximity to a character to score a point, and that the characters appear suddenly and intermittently on different sides of the road, encouraging the driver to veer from side to side without warning.
snarfyguy, Jun 03 2003

       true true. I think that this idea divides and either becomes video game-style driving (still with a possible prize at the end!) w/ known targets, OR random gambling not necessarily with known targets. I guess there could be sensors on each lane, but it would be up to the driver's intuition about how to drive. in this case people COULD believe that the manic swerving thing would bring them the most luck-- of course, that would be an individual style thing. hehe thanks kikiru, I think this idea's almost ready to take out of the oven now (yikes)!
tomatozip, Jun 09 2003


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