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Double Umbrella

An umbrella with an extra handle coming out from the top.
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As you struggle home on a frightfully cold, rainy evening, the dreaded Boston wind flips your umbrella inside out. Normally this would mean getting soaked as you desperately attempt to correct the inverted joints. But not this time.

Good thing you brought your stylish Double Umbrella. One quick flip and you’re enjoying reversible rain blockage.

Now in dual colors!

calculust, May 08 2009

Illustration http://www.sundialt.../doubleumbrella.png
[calculust, May 08 2009]


       Now there's a design with robust redundancy.
normzone, May 08 2009

       perfect for hooking things/people too!
WcW, May 08 2009

       Now that's clever.
phundug, May 08 2009

       Redundancy is good.   

       A great idea but didn't some person suggest it in an annotation on the Doublebrella thread?
Aristotle, May 09 2009

       It's good, but somehow I feel that I've seen somewhere already?
xenzag, May 09 2009

       might make for some nice special effects in a thunderstorm, too.
loonquawl, May 09 2009

       Like it. When something embarrassing like that happens, there are always other people around to see it. Now you can coolly flip it over and take it in your stride. It's almost like saying, 'that was meant to happen'.
skegger, May 09 2009

       I really like this. +
blissmiss, May 09 2009

       good idea, but, not to be a downer, in practice the wind bends the struts to some pretty unique shapes.
wjt, May 09 2009

       Kind of like balloon animals?
blissmiss, May 09 2009

       well yes, OK + and then one can use the other handle for getting things down off the top shelves...
xandram, May 11 2009

calum, May 13 2009

       Also useful for preventing pigeons from landing on top of your umbrella. Although I must agree with loonquawl - could be a bit dangerous in a thunderstorm.
threelefts, May 13 2009

       why not just make the top of the umbrella flat ? there seems no real reason for it to be curved. Then the wind would have less of a parachute effect.   

       Or make the umbrella in 2 or 3 overlapping rings, like a mini pagoda, so if the wind blows up from underneath... there is an escape route, and it would be less likely to turn inside out
JonnyBrit, May 14 2009

       Redundancy is good.
Laughs Last, May 14 2009

       Great idea. Maybe a little hard to store, a bit long, but redundancy == bun.
devnull, May 14 2009


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