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Wing Umbrella

Gusts get foiled. No more flapping.
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At first I thought to call this Foil Umbrella, but that might have made you think of aluminum foil.

The Wing Umbrella is an asymmetric umbrella. The frame is shorter on one side than on the other, somewhat (but not entirely) like a seashell. The stem is attached closer to the more curved side of the umbrella.The umbrella forms a foil.

When using the umbrella, the more curved end is rotated into the wind.

There are two advantages:
- in wind gusts, the umbrella tends to stabilize itself rather then wanting to flop around.
- the umbrella produces some lift in wind, thereby relieving strain on the arm.

jmvw, Dec 09 2006


       //the umbrella produces some lift in wind// we'll all be mary poppins.
po, Dec 09 2006

       could it not fly over and join the "umbrellas" category?
xenzag, Dec 09 2006

       //could it not fly over and join the "umbrellas" category?//   

       Odd, I thought I did select the the umbrellas category. Did someone move it? I changed the spelling back to "asymmetric" with two m's.
jmvw, Dec 09 2006

       Now that it's made the big jump - could it make another wee hop over to the "umbrella shape" category ? Isn't this fun?
xenzag, Dec 09 2006

       [xenzag], thanks for being so involved. I think I like it better in the general umbrella because shape follows function with this umbrella: shape is not the goal. I can't say I feel very strongly about it though..
jmvw, Dec 09 2006


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