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one berella, two berella, three berella, four, five berella, six berella, seven berella, more
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With few exceptions, most umbrellas will blow inside out, an incident that usually renders them mangled and next to useless. The supporting shafts, however, remain perfectly intact, and in the case of the Doublebrella usable as a vital component.

When Doublebrella blows inside out, one simply detaches the crumpled canopy along with its supporting struts, destroyed by the wind, then deploys the second one, which has until now been tightly furled in place on the shaft, waiting patiently for such an eventuality.

xenzag, Apr 04 2009

What I thought this idea would be from the title. + http://www.blavish....uble%20Umbrella.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 05 2009]


       //but what happens when the second canopy also gets mangled?// see subtitle for hint.
xenzag, Apr 04 2009

       why the negativity? just curious
xenzag, Apr 05 2009

       I was expecting an umbrella that could survive inversion, maybe with two handles, when I read the title of this idea.
Aristotle, Apr 05 2009

       There are many umbrellas that survive inversion... this one gets born again instead.
xenzag, Apr 05 2009

       //demangle the canopies// disposable canopies ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2009


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