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Drink yummy juice and then cleanse your palate
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Sometimes after drinking fruit punch, you want some water to get the sticky feeling out of your mouth. Or after drinking limeade or tart iced tea, you feel like you want a sweeter flavor instead of the bitter aftertaste.

Enter Doubledrinks! These are bottles with two separate compartments. The big compartment contains the main flavor and the small contains a different beverage (clean water or a sweeter flavor, perhaps.)

The bottle architecture is essentially two complete bottles stuck bottom-to-bottom, with a cap on each end. The caps should be wide enough so the bottles can be stored either way up without toppling.

phundug, Aug 14 2006

oil & vinegar? http://www.cruets.com/anytwo_st.html
[xandram, Aug 14 2006]

two flavors one can! two_20flavors_20one_20can!
Didn't I see you in cans? [baconbrain, Aug 14 2006]


       Beer in one end and tequila in the other?
angel, Aug 14 2006

       Sounds like some weird initiation rite you have there, angel.
st3f, Aug 14 2006

       Can we stick a small compartment on the side for some cheese? And a cracker or two? I'm feeling a bit hungry.
Canuck, Aug 14 2006

       - and an after-dinner mint stuck on the side with edible velcro?
hippo, Aug 14 2006

       The label should peel off and be useful as a napkin.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 14 2006

       We went around on this idea once before, for prepackaged soda cans. I argued that getting every desired flavor combination was going to require thousands of different packages. See link.   

       But this idea, for refillable bottles, is a lot better than buying packaged soda cans. Or is it for refillables? Good bottle design, either way.
baconbrain, Aug 14 2006


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