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Doughnut-shaped commuter mug

The coffee mug that fits on your stickshift.
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A doughnut shaped coffee mug. Imagine the shape of a bead with a handle. The user could safely drink his coffee while driving to work. A portion of the roadway would be visible through the "hole", even whilst the dregs of the coffee are being slurped from the bottom of the mug.

The brilliance of this mug is that the "hole" would be large enough to accommodate your stickshift, or any other cylindrical object, yet the mug would still hold the enormous amount of coffee you require to start your day.

Imagine never having to peer around the bulk of your Starbucks commuter mug. Consider the convenience and joy of slipping your warm mug over a suitable rod.

I present the Doughnut Shaped Mug: For safety's sake.

IBBen, Sep 07 2000


       Finally a device which would allow a man to carry a dozen doughnuts and a cup of coffee with no hands!
cilla_not_now, Sep 08 2000

       No offence, but wouldn't it be safer to use a straw? Anyway, I'd hate to clean this mug...oh wait a minute, no one cleans their coffee mugs anyway! :)
quanta, Sep 08 2000

       YOU go ahead and hang a stainless steel container filled with hot liquid on Mr Happy, I'll visit you in the hospital...
StarChaser, Sep 09 2000

       A *dozen* doughnuts!?!? I have "doughnut caddy" envy.
blahginger, Sep 09 2000

       Reensure, have you been hanging out with Eehen?
StarChaser, Oct 05 2000

       Its not the quanity of donuts one can caddy, but the quality of the confection.
wrenchndmachine, Oct 05 2000

       I'm honestly surprised nobody's come up with a 'cream filled' joke yet, but maybe that's just me...
StarChaser, Oct 06 2000

       as a doughnut shaped commuter i resent the reference to my girth...and i already have a mug thank you...
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001


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