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The Car Coaster

Drink/Car saver.
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Occasionally I find myself just hanging out with friends around one of our cars--parties, sporting events, concerts, etc. Inevitably everyone sets their beer down on the car at some point and hopes it doesn't slide off. Usually it does and the unlucky stiff (usually me) nearby gets a shattered bottle at their feet and small shards of glass deep in their skin causing them to bleed profusely like a stuffed pig.

The Car Coaster would eliminate this dreaded worry along with the obligatory, unsightly drink rings that come with this dilemma.

A cup-like device, wide enough to fit a variety of can/bottle sizes, with magnets on the bottom could mount on the hood/trunk and could support your beverage. The magnets would be covered with felt to avoid scratching and the cup could pivot to apply to the sides of vehicles-ideal for hanging out in the back of a pickup truck.

The Car Coaster WILL change your life! It will make you beautiful, smart, sexy, physically fit, mentally stable, rich, powerful and influential.

ChachieWawa, Jul 03 2000


       Great idea. The felt backing is an especially smart innovation, because if it's beer or something stronger you're drinking, some twit will inevitably knock their hand into the unit- sort of like knocking over your glass when drunk. Without the felt you'd have a big ugly scratch across the hood or doors of your car.   

       Nice going- it'd be fun to have one of these.
BigThor, Sep 06 2000

       In my experience, people that gather 'round the pick-up to down a case are not beautiful, smart, sexy, physically fit, mentally stable, rich, powerful or influential. I think the real motive here is not to preserve the bottle of beer for anything other than target practice with the .22 that will inevitably be drawn.
raisin, Oct 02 2000

       Your car, if so equipped would be the one everybody would hang out around alright. You included. Complete this sentence: The poor sap with a belt the size of a license plate that barfs on your car makes you the poor sap with ____...& You wouldn't be able to wander off into the woods with a woody and Tammy Whynot.
thumbwax, Oct 02 2000

       I thought this was going to be a device to put underneath your car when parking on giant coffee tables. :/
rapid transit, May 20 2003


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