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NoSpill Cupholder

A cup holder with ball bearings under a bowl shape that holds you cup level in the car.
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It would be like a bowl inside a bowl. But with a layer of ball-bearings in between for the upper bowl to roll around on. The upper bowl would have an adjustable spot for your cup. You just put the cup in and awaaaay you go.

o\ cup here /o

_ o\__________________/o _

| \ ooooooooooooooooo / |

| \___________________/ |

|_______________________ |

ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002

Bean bag mug http://www.halfbake...ea/Bean_20bag_20mug
Gimbaled coffee cup mentioned by [angel] in an annotation here. [phoenix, Sep 19 2002]

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Gimbaled dog bowl. [phoenix, Sep 19 2002]

a marine version http://www.curtisma...Galley/Listings.htm
scroll down past the really cool folding drain tray! [rbl, Sep 20 2002]


       Boy that sketch really got screwed up.
ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002

       The input routine disallows consecutive spaces and this is a proportional font. Not the best combo for ASCII art.
bristolz, Sep 19 2002

       °| |°
°\ /°
thumbwax, Sep 19 2002

       Isn't there already an idea for a gimbaled cup(holder)?
phoenix, Sep 19 2002

       I don't remember one. I remember a gimballed boat. Are you thinking of that?   

       The ballbearing approach works fine for a car parked on a hill but I'm not sure it would work for the loading and unloading of forces as you go around a bend. Maybe if you put vertical baffles in the cup, too? Here's a croissant, though, to dunk in your coffee.
st3f, Sep 19 2002

       Wow, I thought for sure that either this was already invented or that I'd thought of this years ago. I couldn't find anything out there, so...croissant!
XSarenkaX, Sep 19 2002

       Don't ships already have similar devices to counteract wave action?
Sunshine, Sep 20 2002

       naw. you can safely hold all drinks between your thighs. even the really hot ones....
Marassa, Sep 20 2002

       Would this work? It may lessen sloshing, but it won't protect against all the forces on a drink. Surely a better system is to ensure the cup remains stationary while the car moves.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2002

       Yeah, float a bottom-heavy cup in a round, curvy ball of thick liquid - float it like a boat.
XSarenkaX, Sep 20 2002


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