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Taps in cars

Having a tap in you car
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Wouldn't it be cool if you could have a tap at the front of your car on the dashboard wheich you could turn on and you could get water or any other kind of beverage. The drink could be kept in a compartment at the front or in the bonnet (I obviously have no idea where though!) surrounded by ice or something and you could fill it up before a long journey. No more spilling water everywhere from a thermos flask. Just keep polystyrene cups handy.
charlie-c, Mar 24 2001


       [Police Siren]
Cop: Sir, do you realize you were trying to use four lanes of this three lane highway?
Pleeb: Uuuh, noossssirra.
Cop: I smell booze. Do you have an open bottle in there?
Pleeb: Nosshir, jush a schmall keg uv Guinnesshes!
wasraw, Mar 24 2001

       Steed's car in "The Avengers" had this, with tea.
bookworm, Mar 24 2001

nick_n_uit, Mar 24 2001

       My old VW camper had a sink within reach of the front seats. Nice feature.
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 25 2001

       I had one of those VeeDub's too. We used to go canoeing in it. Well, not in it, but we usesd it to haul the canoe. Anyway it had one of those sinks, and it sure was a nice thing to have in a van. I never should have gotten rid of that ole thing...
ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002

       The problem is that bugles are so darn loud.
bristolz, Sep 19 2002

       Modify petrol (gas) pumps to have a second tube that replenishes the water/drink of your choice too.
Zircon, Sep 19 2002

       I just screwed a Budwieser bottler opener to the dash...Its a great conversation piece. Haven't been pulled over with it yet though.
AMCguy, Aug 26 2003


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