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Down button

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We have a page top button, how about a page bottom button?

Just curious.

skinflaps, Jan 14 2005

fiberfill. http://www.country-...polyester_forms.htm
[bris] ,what were you thinking? [skinflaps, Jan 15 2005]

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       Never felt like I needed one. You?
jutta, Jan 14 2005

       Nah, just curious.Maybe useful for lengthy ideas and anno's, author etc.. that's all.(and it may be a first.However I'm sure someone will find a link to this)
skinflaps, Jan 14 2005

       I do use a "page bottom" function on particularly long postings to see the most recent annotation. On IE6, CTRL+End does the job. CTRL+Home takes you to the top of the page.
half, Jan 14 2005

       Odd, I have IE6 and don't need to press CTRL. Just End. Quite easy, and used at least whenever I check up on Blackholeapult or Roaming Fish Ball.
Worldgineer, Jan 14 2005

       Yep, he's right. I just carried over an old habit that happened to work. Cool, look at all the keystrokes I'll save!
half, Jan 14 2005

       I'm with you on that [half] is it not possibile, instead of buttons to simply curser a link?   

       [World'eer] I have no idea where IE6 is,I see the alphabet in front of me, I press these buttons and"Wooha" I'm here.   

       I must learn more.
skinflaps, Jan 14 2005

       I suppose that someone smarter than me could write a browser add-in that adds a button to do the "go to the bottom of the page" thing if you need to use the mouse and jutta doesn't add such a link to the hb.   

       Opera has "mouse gestures". I don't remember if one of them does this.
half, Jan 14 2005

       The HTML code for adding a 'page bottom' link is about 2 lines of code.
pooduck, Jan 14 2005

       [skin] IE6 just means Internet Explorer, version 6, which is the type of internet browser I use. Go to a long page, press "end" (it's near the letters, over the arrows) and see if that works for you.
Worldgineer, Jan 15 2005

       Given that single-key commands exist for jumping to the beginning of a page, can anyone think of a reason to keep that "top of the page" link? I remember someone asking for it originally, but I don't really use it and wouldn't miss it if it were gone. Maybe we should just have told that person about the generic "home" key and left it at that.   

       [removes "page top" link.]
jutta, Jan 15 2005

       What goes up must come down, so I'm told.
skinflaps, Jan 15 2005

       Main Index is more useful for the reasons stated.
gnomethang, Jan 15 2005

       How about a fiberfill button?
bristolz, Jan 15 2005

       <feels better now for having read the first few annos and looked everywhere for the "page top" link>
Etymon, Jan 17 2005

       You weren't the only one who did that.
Detly, Jan 17 2005

       Hey! Where did [Rods Tiger] go? And who's this [Ian Tindale] impostor?
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Well, you know the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...
hippo, Jan 17 2005

       Ha! Dr. Tiger and Mr. Tindale.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Call it the "Vernon" button.
krelnik, Jan 18 2005


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